Architecture of application



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Archen Root
Architecture of application
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I would like to know your ideas about how to approach with my project. The solution has already some identified components: - Desktop client application (multi-user, multi-role) - Swing, JavaWebStart using JNLP protocol - Central relational database based using the JPA - Middleware to take care about JPA like tasks comming from client

My questions are following: - is there any other possible library to use for GUI that Swing? - what framework or technology to use for building the middleware which will take care about database server and client communication? - any other suggestion what schould I read, internet links, tutorials would be useful for me.

Application server will be running GlassFish 3, The GUI I already prepare will be build using Netbeans Platform module architecture.

Almost everything is already clear to me, but there is still something gray, of course :-) what technology use to comunicate between client and middleware running on top of application server, some messaging framework (JMS, rabbitMQ), or anything else?, I don't have necessary EJB experiences, but could it be the way for me. The security and performance is also attribute to point of view.

Thank you very much.

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