JSP directives with example



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JSP directives with example
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JSP Directive with examples.

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JSP Directives Tag   Defined JSP Directives Tag ?   The directive tag gives special information about the page to JSP Engine. This changes the way JSP Engine processes the page. Using directive tag, user can import
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;/head> <h2>Use some jsp directives in this example.</h2> <... JSP Directives and HTML tags       JSP directives are as a message from a JSP page
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of the JSP page. Directives are defined by using <%@ and %> tags. Syntax... is to define the page dependent attributes to the JSP container. For example... directives at the top of the JSP page. page is used to provide the information
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JSPs : taglib Directives In this section we are going to discuss the taglib directives which is one part of Directives. taglib Directives : Taglib directive is one of directive of JSP pages. It defines the tag library which
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at translation time. The include directive is one part of JSP directives... assumes that the file is in the same directory as your JSP. Example : ...JSPs : include Directives In this section we are going to discuss the include
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. In general we write page directives at the top of the JSP page. page is used... weather the page is intended to be an error page of some other JSP page. Example... by the JSP page. Example:  <[email protected] language="java" %>
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-defined actions to be embedded into static content.JSP directives like include directives, a portion of JSP directives control how the JSP compiler generates... Certifications  JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a Java technology that allows
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Simplest Login and Logout example in JSP   This JSP example shows you how to login and logout the session between JSP pages. JSP provide an implicit object that is session in which use to save
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JSP Scriptlets Example In this section, we will understand  Scriptlets with the help of an Example. JSP allows you embed java code inside JSP page... as Scriplets. Scriplets is executed every time a JSP page is invoked.The syntax