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selection box linked with textarea
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<Table width="767" border="1" height="150" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" bgcolor="white">


                                    <td align= left><textarea id="TextBox1"  rows="5" cols="25"></textarea>
                                    <br />
                                      <font size="2" FACE="Swiss">Select Vendor Code</font>
                                       <font color="red">*:</font>
                                            <select  name="abc1" onchange = "get_val('tot_val');"> 

                                            <%while(rs.next()){ %>
                                            <% tot_val = rs.getString("vname") + rs.getString("vadd1") + rs.getString("vcity") + rs.getString("vstate") + rs.getString("vcountry") + rs.getString("vmobile");%>
                                             <%-- <option onclick = "get_val('tot_val');"><%=rs.getString("vcode")%></option>--%>  
                                           <option onclick = "get_val('tot_val');"><%=rs.getString("vcode")%></option>
                                            <%} %> 


                     </table>       print("code sample");`i want to get all details from database in textarea line by line onclick selected text:

eg:select: anand in textarea:#12,2nd main , 7th cross , anand nagar , bangalore ,560016 anand detals i have in db with all fields .. like wise i have names in selection box sham , ram , rahul etc .. thank you


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