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Aayshi Mehrotra
1 Answer(s)      3 years and 7 months ago
Posted in : JSP-Servlet

import javax.servlet.http.*;
import javax.servlet.*;

public class Mycookie extends HttpServlet
PrintWriter out;

public void service(HttpServletRequest req , HttpServletResponse res) throws 

ServletException , IOException

out = res.getWriter();
Cookie c[]=req.getCookies();

{Cookie c1 = new Cookie("name","ducat");
Cookie c2 = new Cookie("add","noida");

out.println("cookie created");

out.println("<input type='text' value=+c[0].getValue()>");
out.println("<input type='text' value=+c[1].getValue()>");
out.println("<input type='submit'>");

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January 29, 2011 at 2:37 PM

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