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What are JSP directives, page directives and include directives?
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what are jsp directives? and what are page directives? and what are include directives? can you explain taglib directives?


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May 7, 2012 at 5:06 PM

JSP directives

JSP directives do not produce any output. They are used to set global values like classdeclaration, content type etc. Directives have scope for entire JSP file. They start with<%@ and ends with %>. There are three main directives that can be used in JSP:-

page directive: Page directive is used to define page attributes the JSP file.

include directive: The include directive informs the JSP engine to include the content of the resource in the current JSP page.

taglib directive: Taglib are also termed as JSP tag extensions. They provide a way of encapsulating reusablefunctionality on JSP pages.

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