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Create a new external style sheet with the name exercise1.css

2.In this style sheet, define the following. Use a different element, and different properties and/or values, for each rule:

  • one or more simple selectors

example: p { property:value; }

  • one or more grouped selectors

example: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { property:value; }

  • a class selector

example: .duh { property:value; }

3.Use the rules written in Question (2), when constructing XHTML page for the subsequent questions.

(a) Create a simple XHTML page to introduce yourself, how old you are, what you do, and your likes and dislikes.

(b) Create another page to modify the introduction to include an unordered list of what you do, and put a list of 5 things you like the most and dislike as ordered lists.

(c) Create another page about your favorite hobby, and link it to (and from) your main page.

(d) Write a quote that impressed you, on one of your pages and centre it.

(e) Display your favorite images in another page.

(f) Create a table, containing the subject code, subject name, Grade (the grade you plan to get for those subjects), in the current semester. Use a heading and at least one use of rowspan / colspan

(g) Write some text on your experiences studying this subject.


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