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How to send List values using dwr to java
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dwr  How to send List values using dwr to java
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DWR       DWR reduces development time and the likelihood of errors by providing commonly used functions and removing almost all of the repetitive code normally associated with highly
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Web Remoting The Direct Web Remoting or DWR for short is another JavaScript...://directwebremoting.org/dwr/.   ICEfaces The ICEfaces faces is J2EE based Ajax
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Remoting DWR allows JavaScript in a browser to interact with Java on a server... is DWR version 1.1. We are developing DWR version 2.0, and recently announced... on the Web.    AJAX made simple with DWR AJAX
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automatically generates HTML and Javascript.    DWR DWR reduces development time and the likelihood of errors by providing
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. DWR:-DWR is Direct Web Remoting.It is a Java open source library which helps... Remoting:- In the simplest terms, DWR is an engine that exposes methods of server-side Java objects to JavaScript code. Effectively, with DWR, you can eliminate all
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