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Types of Management
Posted on: April 22, 2012 at 12:00 AM
This article discusses about types of management.

Types of Management

Management plays a wide role for any organisation and so it has vast meaning. Simply it means to achieve a goal with working effectively and in a planning way. In fact management has to manage the staffs with efficiently. As for any organisation staffs belongs to different category, mentality, attitude etc and hence to utilise them for the interests of organisation is an art.
So it is manager, which implement the policies effectively for the purpose of the organisation. Thus role of manager is crucial for success for an organisation.

Types of Management

Autocratic Management: As per by name, in such a type of this type of management a manager works in an autocratic way. He works and planned the system as per his own knowledge, beliefs and experience. Although this type of management known for its quick decision and quick implementation but generally it created annoyance among the staffs which can be a bad indication for the aim of the organisation.

Paternalistic Management: In such a management type of autocratic message conveyed but the slight difference is that a manager of management treats its staffs as a child, being a father. Certainly staffs and workers like such a management as subordinates get here with full priority.

Democratic Management: This type of management occurs in maximum organisation and it has been appreciated by all because the good communication between the staffs and the upper management. Here is communication main thing, which provides a bridge between staffs and management. In such a management, staffs have to liberty to put their innovative ideas before the management and generally they got credit for the same.

Laissez-faire Management: It can be termed as the unconventional way of management in which a manager give his subordinate full liberty for achieve their goals as per their planning. However it has some disadvantages as manager take little interests in the controlling and planning his subordinates which results as a lack of co ordination.

Management by Walking Around: In such a management a manager work is to be in contact with its subordinates always. He has to watch the movement and concern of his subordinates so that there cannot be a communication gap. Manager not only listen his concerns but also pay attention of his suggestion, which can be fruitful for the achieving the organisational goals.


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