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Top marketing management institute in India
Posted on: May 11, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Marketing management is the back bone of any business activities which decides the overall achievement of any business organisation. Here you can find a glimpse of top marketing managements institutes in India.

Marketing management remains always a key factor in deciding the output of any business activities. Management is the process by which we utilize all the available resources like human resources management, marketing management, accounts etc skillfully and efficiently so that the objective of organization can be fulfilled. Marketing management is the process by which all the marketing strategy got envisaged and then marketing team tries its best to achieve this. Companies expand a lot for a strong marketing team so that its goal of marketing can be achieved successfully.

Thus marketing is the backbone of any business activity, which decides how the objective of the organization can be achieved. In the modern globalization and competitive era, role of marketing manager has to become very tough. They have to make their way from the very tough and stiff competitions among the companies and their products race. It has a lot of career opportunity where smart, young and laborious professionals can fulfill their desire with better salary and reputation too.

Keeping in view the demand of marketing management professionals, many institutes provide MBA courses in marketing management. These institutes try to make aware the students regarding the latest change and trend about the marketing strategy and marketing policy. Institutes design their courses in such a way that it helps students to be comfortable in kind of marketing activities including corporate marketing. Some of the leading marketing management institute in India is:

(a) I I M Ahmadabad: The Indian Institute of Management of Ahmedabad is one of the renowned institutes in India that produces world class professional for marketing management. It is of very high standard education and also its study materials are of high quality. Students passed out from the institutes got major acceptance in the rest part of the world. If you are interested in marketing management course then certainly visit IIM Ahmadabad should be your first choice.

(b)I I M Banglaore:> The Indian Institute of Management of Bangalore although the institute hold its second ranks among the best marketing colleges in India, yet it has a glorious past of presenting superb marketing management professionals. This campus not only produces good students but also its students have a sharp perspective towards marketing management and its exercises. Students can opt the institute if they want to do something special in the field of marketing management, as the institutes will provide you new tool for write new milestone.

(c) IIM Kolkata: The Indian Institute of Management Kolkata is one of the famous campuses of the country, which is one of the premiere institutes for the marketing management. Students can approached in the campus as it has also a golden past for producing marketing management bend of mind of students.

(d)IIM Lucknow: It has also its own significance in the marketing management stream in the country. Students opts this institute not only for its center of excellence but also for its executive management.

(e)Xavier's Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur: Founded in 1949, this institute has its own importance and position in the country for its immense management based education and professional touch. It has maintained its own status for its high quality management based programs and its mission. Students opting a career in marketing management must be visit at XLRI campus before got admission.

Although only five top management institutes have been mentioned here, many more institute are also available in India which are famous for its own significance in management courses.


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