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Role of Marketing strategy in business
Posted on: May 15, 2012 at 12:00 AM
For the successful running of a business activity in tough competition time, effective marketing strategy is necessary. Story tells us how to make effective marketing strategy for the survival of business in modern era.

In the world of competitive age, where each of the competitors are busy in the stiff race of achieving its business targets and sale of product is the only parameter for the progress of the company, it is marketing strategy which decides how to achieve a business objective of the organization effective.

Thus marketing strategy is the process by which an organization concentrates its limited resources to utilize effectively and efficiently to achieve the business goal of the organization. 

Among all the various management aspects of the business management, marketing management is the utmost important as it is directly related to the sales and marketing of the products of the company. Where all the other aspects help the company in successful running of the company, it is marketing department, which give the net results of all the exercise whether it is profit or loss. 

To boost up the marketing of the brands and products of the company it is necessary to concentrate extensively on the marketing management. As there is a vast competition in the market by the opposition competitor in the product line and hence without a planned strategy it will be difficult to meet the deadline of the target fixed by the management. 

Various tools to improve marketing strategy?b>

(a) Boost up marketing team: As marketing team of any company is the key factor which plays significant role in achieving the business target, so it must be paid proper attention. Marketing team, which represents the company and it, has direct link with the target customer and channel so it must be boost up with a proper strategy.

(b) Sale channel be improved: the sale and marketing team in the market also plays key role in marketing of the company. They must be paid proper attention as they have direct presence in the market. This channel partner belongs to various companies and can guide you regarding the various products of the competitor companies. Many sale promotional and gift could lure them and can boost up the sale stocks.

(c) Market research: Company must be aware about the latest trends of market regarding the product in which company deals. The changing taste of the customer also help the company in deciding the new strategy of the company as customer are the ultimate need for the company.

(d) Survey of customer: Conducting survey is the best way to observe the latest trend of market. Which kind of brand dominating the market and other trends and it also help to find out the taste of customer who is using your product. It also helps in finding out that customer?s view that doesn?t want to your product. Their opinion can help company in modifying the brand for future.

(d) Strong leadership for marketing team: A strong marketing team is the essential for the improving the sale strategy of the company and strong manager is the key for utilizing the whole marketing team for the betterment of the target. Manager is responsible for handling the marketing team, which can utilize them skillfully and efficiently so that market goal can be achieved.


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