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Project Management: foundation of success
Posted on: May 26, 2012 at 12:00 AM
For successfully completion of any project it is essential to finish the related tasks and activities within budget limit and time deadline.If any delay in completion of any part of the project, can hamper entire project in ruin. It is project management which decides all the planning and completion of task within deadline and in the fixed budget. Story highlights the facts the need of project management for completion of any project....

There is a saying which goes like this-"well began is half done." For the satisfactorily completion of any project, as per the desire, it is necessary to everything should be happen in a plan and manage way. Every step of the planning and its execution must be on a planned manner for specific results. Undoubtedly it is planning for any project is the significant for its happier and desirable results. It is project management, which decides the future termination of any project successfully.

Thus project management is a planned and organized effort to culminating any project to its final and successful completion. It also includes various aspects of planning including developing a project plan, defining its goals and objective and identifying the tasks and risks during completing of the project. Apart from this it also decides the how the goals will be achieved and how much budget will be expenses for completion of the project within time frame.

Needless to say, today all the major developments or minors one, all have finished after a better and solid project management. An even longest project which completion seems difficult initially has been executed with a better project management team and its contribution. It would be better to mention here former Delhi Metro chief E. Shridharan who is known for his strictness and punctuality for completion of his stint within the stipulated time. It is amazing but true that it is the working style of Srhdharan who had got finished the assignments within the time limit by his team and that is why Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has completed its projects before its deadline and successfully running with the expectation of people.

In fact role of project manager is more critical for the successfully completion of any project within the budget and time limit. First of all project manager has to define the entire project strategy including list of all the activities related to project. All the related task and activities must be in accordance with the project and planning. It is project management, which ensures how the task will finish with the resources within the deadline. Deadline is the basic key factor which decides the success of any project management team and its achievement. It must be ensure that project finishes with its deadline so that next related task and activities can be put on time. If a particular initial project becomes delay initially then certainly all the activities will be delay due to this and it can be ruin the entire projects delay.

Project management decides the way so that available resources can be utilizes skillfully and efficiently so that expenses and time frame can be on limit. In fact schedule of the project, available resources, budget constraints and the scope of the project must be deals with efficiently as all these features are critical for successfully completion of any project within deadline and under fixed budget.

Keeping the proposed data with the actual project data is also crucial for the keeping project with update. Management must be keep all the data with update so that any delay can be detects earlier and can be corrected on time so that entire fate of entire project could not be damaged.


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