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Marketing orientation: way for marketing
Posted on: May 26, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Marketing is not just a activity of selling any buying of products or services, rather it is the way to satisfy the need and demand of customer. To satisfy their needs and demands, company focus on the customer based activity and marketing orientation help those in performing the process. Article helps in identifying the way which decide the way of marketing.....

Marketing orientation is the marketing approach in which need and demand of customer is significant for a marketing company. In other words marketing orientation emphasizes to the want and need of customer so that company can win the trust of customer for the future prospect. Marketing orientation practices concentrates on the reaching each customer and identify the way which it can do segmentation to customer for the marketing of product or brand of the company.

However there is a major different between selling concept and marketing concept. In selling concept, selling of product is the ultimate goal for the employee and it has nothing to do with the after sale relation between company and customer. But in marketing concept focuses always done on the good and satisfactory relationship with the customer, as it is necessary for a future bonding relationship with customer.

Marketing orientation deals with that there should be a need for the products in the customers, which can create a demand of same product. However some company creates demand for its product but it is of rare nature and almost companies focus on the customer's need and demand before producing a product. Products must be as per the expectation of the customer, which can satisfy their needs. Price is also important factor for the customer as it is of no use if they have no purchasing capacity for this. So company should fix the prices of the products as per the capacity of the customer.

All the conditions, which fulfill the customer orientation, are the part of marketing orientation the difference is that in marketing orientation is focus paid on need and demand of market. Placement is also important for the company as it must be convenient for the customer and its supply should be timely. Promotional program is also important for company and it must be accordance with the customers need. Promotional move encourage customer to buy product and hence it must be gain attention from the customer. Such people are also more important for company, which come in contact with the customer and leave significant impact on the other people. Reputation of the brand and company depends upon the employee who works for the company and they must be work for the betterment of the brand and company for a long run effect of the company on the customer.

Process by which company provides services and sells its products is also plays crucial role for customer satisfaction. Customer has nothing to do with how a business is going on rather they are interested in the services and products they have been availing.

Marketing orientation clearly stresses on concentration on needs and demands of customer and their satisfaction. Using marketing orientation is useful for the companies as it provides them to evaluate the competitor behavior, assessing competitor strategies. It also provides a chance for the company to improve the better opportunities for the customer?s product and needs. A better satisfied customer plays key role in building the new customer for the company. Marketing orientation focuses on the customer's need and satisfaction and it helps in making customers loyal with the company for its products and services. The continuous services and products provided by company makes customer satisfied and customer appreciates the company brand and services. Once when customers needs and demand remains satisfied by the company, it creates a long-term relationship between both and customer remembers the brands and company for future.


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