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How to deal with Crisis management
Posted on: May 13, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Story highlights the facts that how crisis destroy the reputation of any organisation and how to deal with it. Crisis which appears unexpectedly and instantly and badly effect the objective of organisation. story suggests how to deal with crisis with better management.

Crisis management is the process by which an organization deals with the threat of a person, a group or any other threat, which can harm its reputation, system or objective. Needless to say crisis always appears before any organization or system instantly and it is necessary to deals with patiently for the betterment of the system and organization. Crisis is not limited for any particular organization rather it can be appear before a person, a organization, a political party can also be a victim of sudden crisis. The main thing is to how to deal with the crisis, which can be harmful if not overcome on time.

It is interesting to know that sources says that in 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, many innocent people lost their lives only due to the precaution measure to deal with the harmful MIC gases were in English and some of the unfortunate victims who lost their lives where not familiar with English.

This is the extreme case of failure of crisis management, which proves so harmful, and much person lost their lives due to negligence of the management. Certainly they can be saved by the proper utilization of crisis management. Thus it is crisis management, which provide the way to respond these unpredictable situations with patient and skillful.

Generally three factors appears common in every crisis witnessed on various occasion-

(a) It is a threat for the organization, which can damage severely if can't overcome within time.

(b) It always appears before the organization instantly and suddenly. The unexpectedly nature of the happening which create crisis for the management. 
(c) Organizations have to a very short of time to deal with the situation and decision making is also important which should be final within time frame.

Types of Crisis

(a) It is difficult to differentiate the crisis as it appears suddenly and unpredictable, but it can be classifieds in terms of nature, in some case crisis arises in natural way.

(b) In some cases it appears as technological which caused due to failure of any technology and affects the whole system.

(c) In many cases it has been notices that confrontation within a group or an individual with the organization creates a crisis for the system.

(d) Crisis also appears when an organization conceals any facts with the workers or consumers and it exposed any way.

(e) In many cases it has been appeared that a crisis witnessed when confusion creates after organizational misdeeds.

To deal with the unpredictable crisis appears before the organization, there must be a crisis management system, which can take action on time in a short time of span. A strong crisis management system always includes identifying the real nature of a current crisis and intervening to minimize damage and recovering from the crisis within time. A strong public relation is also a important tools for the crisis management which convince them positively and minimize the negative reputation appears due to the crisis.

Apart from these, for successfully combating a crisis, it is necessary to be ready with the understanding that how to handle the crisis before it occur for a system. The diagnostic of the impending trouble or the crisis can be forecasted before time can save the system on time. Also appropriate action should be taken on time to avoid the crisis.


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