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Consumer behavior in marketing management
Posted on: May 15, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Consumer is the key factor for any business activity and it is significant to study the behaviour of consumer. Story highlights the facts about the consumer and its change of behaviour.

In any marketing activity, consumer plays a significant role, as it is the consumer, which finally decides the output of all marketing strategy for a particular company. If a customer is ready to buy a particular product by convincing the promotional tools by the company then it is a positive for the company. Those who do not buy the product are also equally important for the company, as it have to be convinced by the marketing team. That is why customer is the premier elements for any company and companies give proper priority to their taste and desire.

By definition, consumer are those who consume or buy the products on daily basis according to their needs, preference and purchasing capacity. Although there are many factors which dominant the consumer for buying any product including purchasing capacity, age, sex, social and cultural backgrounds and many other factors. There are many factors, which directly or indirectly effect on the mindset of consumers before taking the decision to buy or not buy the particular product. Thus for any company which is planning to launch a product in market, it must studied the common behavior of the consumer which are crucial for its business activity.

Such behavior of consumer is crucial in deciding their suitability for any product for a company. The basic behaviour of the consumer plays crucial role in their decision making process in acquiring, evaluating and disposing of any products. If a particular consumer is accustomed to buy a product then certainly its continuity must be live for future. But if a group of consumer is not ready to buy particular products then certainly efforts should be made to convince them by certain marketing tool for the products.

Companies should abstain from selling attitude to make consumer. Selling attitude has nothing to do with the post sell situations but if you want to make them a permanent consumer for your product, then certainly you should follow marketing way. Marketing way of selling lasted for long time, as there has been a relationship with the brand and the consumer. Companies keep watch on post purchase behaviour and try its best to maintaining a good and ever last relationship with such a consumer.

However studying of consumer behaviour is a complex process and before taking any final decision, companies should asses their mindset with details. Any haste in assessing their mindset during making marketing strategy can badly affect the company interests in the long run. During the formulating of marketing strategy of company, experts should concentrate on study of the consumer behaviour and its change. Planning should be made on the basis of solid reason so that the output found can encourage the company interests.

Marketing analysis, marketing segmentation, consumer decision process etc are the factors which must be given proper heed during formulating a marketing strategy as these factors plays vital role in deciding the behaviour of consumer.


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