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Posted on: May 23, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Undoubtedly today communication is an inseparable part of modern life and the same is true for the survival of any business organization where communication is the crucial part for its successfully running. Story tells the need and many ways of communication for the successfully running of a business organisation.

Communication has become an inseparable part of modern life and the same is true for the survival of any business organization where communication is the crucial part for its successfully running. Any organization which has its all support like financial, strong marketing team and human resource force but it can't be a guarantee for its success if there is a gap of communication among its other aspects. Communication is a major important factor not only internally but also externally so that its branding, positioning and reputation of the organization get its proper due. Advertisement and public relation is a significant condition for the survival of any business activity and communication is the very factor, which ensure the goals.

When it comes to planning for an effective communication process for the business organization, many important factors must be followed. Communication always ensures an effective interaction among the clients and consumer externally and on the other side internally there must be a proper communication among the other employees and various aspects of the management wings. Thus during making strategy of communication content, timing and delivery of messages and products and services should be in concise and effective way. Dissemination of these message is also for very important for the organization as to whom it may be provide and its timing decides the effective for proper output. Identifying the actual customer and target them with effective advertisement is the key factor for effective planning of communication.

Various ways for effective communication marketing:

(a) Advertising: Advertising is the most popular way of communication today, which effectively impresses the customer who is geographically scattered in vast areas. It affects a large number of people and customer think that mass people has been going with the particular advertisements which play a effective role for the particular brand and product. After all its demerits and setbacks for its costlier exercise, advertising today is playing a crucial role for branding and positioning of any brand in the mindset of customer.

(b) Sale promotion: This type of communication uses mostly in short term sale where customer convinced by various means to buy the products. Coupons, samples, premiums etc are the various tools for the sale promotion which company uses for promotion of its sale. Brand awareness and incentives are also important tools for communication, which promote sale for company in short-term basis.

(c) Public Relation/Publicity: In the tools of communication, company tries to build trust and goodwill with its target customers and people. It works different from advertisement as a positive aspects and trust is the main factor in publicity. Companies utilize newsletter, press release and event sponsorships to gain the faith of people, which ultimately favor its branding and marketing.

(d) Personal Selling: In such a communication tools companies focuses on personal type of selling and communicate individual customer personally. It consists of live and interactive relationship between person and representative. In fact here relationship is more crucial than only selling and it is immediate type of communication.

(e) Direct Marketing: In such a tools of communication company contact directly to customer by various means like emails, catalogs, radio and TV. In fact here messages are addressed to specific target customer for the sale promotion. Telemarketing is also a kind of directs marketing way where company contact directly to its customer. Feedback and also output is also monitored by the company so that customer can be satisfied with its services.


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