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Business Development manager
Posted on: May 11, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Role of Development manager is very crucial in any business organisation. He has to play significant role for the development of the organisation and fulfilling its objectives.

Role of a business development manager is very crucial for any business organization as he is responsible for the development of its marketing aspects as well as deals with the other wings of the system. As management is the process, which utilizes the available resources skillfully and efficiently, so that organization objective can be fulfilled.

Thus it is manager responsibility to utilize all the available resources for the organizations profit. His responsibilities can?t be restricted for any particular way, as he has to think wider in the interests of organization. Once he finds out the new avenue for the enhancement of the marketing, on the other hand he has to lead the team, which struggles to achieve the goal.

Manager is the responsible for the any change and progress of the organization as from planning to its execution and reaching output, all monitored by manager of the firm. Manager first plans new strategy for the development of the marketing and then fixed the way by which it can be achieved. Only planning is of no importance if he can?t succeed in human resource management and marketing management?s aspects, which are the other main wings of any system.

After setting the target and fixing the plan, manager has to coordinate to other management's wings for the achieving of the goal. He has to keep watch full for the brand and product and thus monitoring production is also a part of manager. He has to knowledge about the latest taste of customer and trend of the market as both factors can affects badly to his planning.

Marketing is also a important part for any organization it can?t be ignore for a better output for the organization. Manager here too play important role and decides the various promotional tools in this regards. Only better packaging of products and being a marketing team is not enough if there is a lack of promotional and advertisement for the products in the market.

Manager should be aware about the latest taste of the customer so that he can change his product as per their mood. Also this is the era of advertisement and no one can ignore the fact for the survival in today market. So Manager will have to aware about the advertisement campaigning and selection of tools for the brand promotion.

In fact here role of manager is very crucial, as he has to work as a market research. He has to analyze the data and selling of product, previous planning and results, if not succeeded then what was the reason so that next time it can be amended.


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