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B2B or Business to business
Posted on: May 15, 2012 at 12:00 AM
B2B which has attained the much popular words in the business words. story gives the description about the term and also highlights its various aspects in business activities.

The highly discussed and popular term in today business world which indicates the process of business transactions between two business outlets. Just think if any business or commercial transactions occurred between a wholesaler and retailer, then it is known as B2B deal. It always occurred between two business outlets and not from business to consumer. Business to consumer relationship is know as B2C (Business to Consumer.)

In modern business arrangements, the term B2B is on highly demand and in practice as almost all the major companies or houses are engaged in such an activity. It is not possible for a big automobile manufacturer company to produce each and every constituents of a automobile car in its company. If company manufactured only iron or steel based products in its plant but tire and other many parts it has to borrow from other company. For the fulfillment of this requirement, the automobile company ties up some other companies for such a products, which are essential part of the automobile, but it has to borrow from some other places. This arrangement is known as B2B, which is part of today business chain, and most of the companies are bound to follow the practices.

The popularity of B2B is on such a demand today that it is expected that it will play a major role in coming years and almost all the business activities will follow partially or completely this ordainments for their survival.

B2B practices occur in not only production division, but it uses also in other branches of modern business activity. Generally we use the term collaboration in many business houses, which also is a part of B2B arrangements where two major business organizations tie its hands for the business activities and work together with their interests.

Communication is another tools, which practices in today business activity, which displays the message of B2B aim. They took help from other business houses for the fulfillment of business objectives and use effectively communication help from other business organization. Communication also refers to the employee of the communication which also known as B2B arrangements.

B2B arrangements have opened a new way of marketing known as B2B marketing. Any products, which displays in a show room, passes, various chain. Its inception from raw material to production and finally before coming to customer, it passes many marketing chain, whole seller to retailer etc. In the journey, when buyers want a good financial deal, production unit wants to highly appreciation of its cost. Finally the goods purchased by the customer and everyone got satisfied. It is the adventure of B2B arrangements, which tries to fulfill all the aspects with business purposes.


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