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Machine Learning with Python free online course

Learning becomes easy with our Machine Learning with Python free online course, which you can take online anytime from your computer. Free weekly online classes are available in new Machine Learning technologies.

Machine Learning Training: Machine Learning with Python free online course

This online free Machine learning course will teach you everything you should know to work with the machine learning and deep learning model development using Python programming language. This course is free and delivered online on weekends. Previously recorded sessions along with the many example projects are also available for the students. This course is free yet provides extensive hands-on Machine Learning examples and projects. We have written articles, examples and developed projects for the students. All these materials are freely available here. So, get started with the Machine learning with the Python programming language by going through our free online course.

Machine Learning with Python free online course is good for the beginners as it helps them in learning Machine learning with Python in a fun way by creating machine learning models that analyze data to get most out of the organizational data. The Machine Learning with Python free online course will help you master core Python functionality including machine learning/data analytics programs like classifiers, linear regression, text classification, decision trees, and many more computer science topics.

Machine Learning Training: Machine Learning with Python free online courseADS_TO_REPLACE_1

In this course, you will learn a variety of python based machine learning algorithms such as classification and regression using supervised learning methods. As this online course is free, you don't have to worry about learning costs and more importantly you can learn it whenever you have free time. This Machine Learning and Data Science course will help you in becoming Data Scientist in 6 to 12 months or earlier. Learning time totally depends on the efforts you put in learning Python and Machine learning topics.

Before beginning with this course I would suggest you to check out Data Science learning path for beginners, where you will find all the topics you should know to become a successful Data Scientist. Machine Learning with Python free online course gives imparts the knowledge of Python Programming and Machine Learning algorithms. The course covers the most common machine learning algorithms which is used in machine learning. This course covers the algorithms like classification, neural networks and data visualizations. It also covers how you can use the many machine learning algorithms to perform model development to meet your project requirements.

Python is one of the most used frameworks by Data Scientists around the globe to develop high performance machine learning models. Learning Python from scratch gives you a sense of coding and use the Python language in Machine Learning application development. You need thorough understanding of Python programming language to be able to develop programs in this language. You are required to be able to understand how to implement algorithms and solve the real business problems in order to get a better use of company's data for business. This free online course helps you to become a more proficient in Machine Learning programming, which in turn will help you to get a better job in Machine Learning. Also, this online course has a lot of useful resources for beginners that are accessible in a web browser. You can learn from these resources in your free time or take help for these tutorials while working on the project.ADS_TO_REPLACE_2

Topics covered in Machine Learning with Python free online course

1) Introduction to Data Science using Python

In this the beginning we are going to teach you the basics of Data Science and explain why Python is being used very extensively as a programming language for Data Science/Machine Learning/Deep Learning.

  • What is Data Science and why its so important?
  • What is the role of Data Scientist and what does a data scientist do?
  • Various examples of Data Science in the industries
  • How Python is used for development and deployed for Data Science models?
  • Understanding the steps involved in developing Data Science model and applications - data wrangling, data exploration, model selection, model building, model training and deployment.
  • Introducing the Python programming language for Data Science
  • Why Python is used for machine learning?
  • What are the features of Python programming language and how it is different from other programming languages?
  • Learn to install Python, Anaconda Python distribution on Windows, Linux and Mac - You should install and configure Python on your computer to try machine learning programs. This section will give you great details to install and configure Python.
  • Basics of Python script - Creating and running Python scripts from command line. Learn to use Python IDE and Jupyter Notebook.
  • Learn essentials of Python - Python variables, data types and keywords

2) Installing and configuring Ubuntu 20.04 for Machine Learning

Here we will show you how to use Ubuntu 20.04 or any other version of Ubuntu operating system for Machine Learning? For learning you can use any latest desktop machine with on GPU, But for production environment high end machines are required to meet your business data processing requirement.

In this section you will learn basics of Python and configure you system for Machine Learning by installing the required libraries. So, Let's get started with the second part.ADS_TO_REPLACE_3

  • What is Anaconda distribution of Python?
  • Downloading installing and configuring Anaconda Python distribution on Ubuntu 20.04
  • Learning the basics of Python programming language - In this section you will learn the basic syntax and programming constructs of Python
  • How indentation like tabs and spaces works in Python?
  • Learning Python built-in data types
  • Understanding the basic operators in Python
  • Looping and control statements in Python. You will the use of break, if, for, continue, else, range() etc.. in Python programming languages
  • How to write and run your first Python program?
  • Functions in Python function
  • Use of Lambda expression in Python programming languge
  • How to write classes in Python?
  • Understanding variables in Python
  • Object Oriented Programming in Python
  • Understanding the OOPs concepts like encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction
  • What are access modifiers, instances, class members

3) Learning Maths for Python

  • What to learn in Mathematics for Data Science?
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Graph Theory
  • Information Theory
  • Understanding the important concepts like Central Tendency, Variabiltiy, Hypothesis Testing, Anova, Correlation, Regression, Probability Definitions and Notation, Joint Probabilities, The Sum Rule, Conditional Probability, and the Product Rule; and Baye's Theorem

4) Learning NumPy for Mathematics

Now we will learn NumPy for Mathematical calculations in Data Science. Here are the topics we are covering in NumPy:

  • Introduction to mathematical computing using NumPy
  • Working with arrays and matrices, array indexing, array math, Inspecting a numpy array, Numpy array manipulation in NumPy
  • How to import numpy module?
  • How to create array using ND-array?
  • Examples of calculating standard deviation on array of numbers and calculating correlation between two variables.

5) Scipy

Learn to use Scipy in Data Science.

6) Supervised learning

Now we will learn supervised learning which is most used in Data Science.ADS_TO_REPLACE_4

7) Unsupervised  learning

How to use the various unsupervised learning techniques in Data Science?

8) Deep Learning

Deep Learning is very popular for solving complex business problems and developing highly intelligent solutions in the industry.

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