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Struts 2 Eclipse Plugin


This page contains the examples and the list of plugins that are available for Struts 2 Development using Eclipse IDE.

The Akrogen plugin will soon launch the plugin for Struts 2. You can view the status of the project at http://akrogen.sourceforge.net/struts-catalog/struts2x.html.

MVC Web Project

MVC Web Project is a generic plugin for eclipse that enables J2ee developers to organize their web project visually using MVC (Model View Controller) model.

MVC Web Project currently integrates Struts 2 framework only, but its API is open and MVC Web Project can be extended to any MVC framework (spring, struts 1.x...).

Since version 0.2.1, Alveole Studio MVC Web Project enables to produce all tags of a struts.xml file, except tags include and default-class-ref.

For more detail with example refer the below link:-


If anyone of you know the Eclipse plugin for Struts 2, kindly post in the following comment box.


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