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Tutorial Project Management
Project management is a specific discipline of management associated with the planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling the resources of a project to achieve the desired goals or objectives of the project. A project can be defined as an temporary phenomenon of an organisation which has a defined set of objectives and goals at the beginning and ends with the achievement of those goals. View Rating

Tutorial Project Management Tools
To achieve the desired goals and objectives of a project, a project manager is provided with certain tools that supports in achieving the set of goals and objectives decided at the beginning of the project. Project Management Tools can be a set of specific tools designed especially for fulfilling the need of the project activities in a more productive manner and helps the project managers utilize them efficiently in order to make the easier and productive. View Rating

Tutorial Project Management Methodologies
The basic objective behind a project management is to achieve the defined set of objectives and goals for a project in a definite time frame within the allocated budget. A project manager deploys different strategies to get the best results out of a project. For this different project management methodologies have been designed keeping in mind the requirements and need of the project. Different types of projects require different project management methodologies for implementation that helps the project managers at every stage of the project. View Rating

Tutorial Project Management Process
Project management is an integral part of an organisation since times for carrying out any organisational activity effectively and efficiently. Project management is not a single process but is a combination of several processes that complete project management process jointly. A complete project management cycle comprises of following process to complete a project management. View Rating

Tutorial Extreme Project Management
When it comes to project management, a number of methodologies, tools and techniques are used. Owing to the difficulties and shortcomings of the traditional project management, a new concept of project management has evolved called 'Extreme Project Management'. The Extreme project management is a modern approach to project management that is mostly seen in the software industry where the complexity of projects is very high and the nature of project is too dynamic. View Rating

Tutorial What is a Project?
Before understanding 'Project Management' in detail, the first thing one should know is, what is a Project? A project is an independent operation of an organisation that is distinctive in nature with the ongoing business operations and temporary in nature. Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines a project as a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. View Rating

Tutorial Need for Marketing Management Task
Today marketing is not just a selling and buying of products and services rather it has become more competitive and challenging job. To achieve the business and marketing goals in professional and practical ways, it is need for Marketing Management Task should be formulated earlier and then to follow this efficiently and effectively to achieve them. The article highlights the basic thoughts about the Need for Marketing Management Task in Marketing activities..... View Rating

Tutorial Importance of Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment and Selection are one of the significant part for any organization as it provides the right candidates on the right place which support the organization ability to acquire, retain and develop the best talents and skills for the organization.The article highlights the facts regarding the need, advantage, process and functions of Recruitment and Selection for any organisation..... View Rating

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