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Java Help Center
Java Help Center       Welcome to Java help Center service...; In this section, we provide you round the clock Java Help 

Programming Tutorials

Open Source Media Center
Open Source Media Center Open source media center for Windows Why buy a Media Center PC when you can make your own - fun project for an old PC "Media Portal turns your PC in a very advanced Multi-Media Center / HTPC 

HTML Questions

center a table
center a table  How do I center a table 

Swing AWT

window in center
window in center  if i run the programme thw window is in lie in top left corner i want a window open in center 

HTML Questions

Showing div at the center of the webpage
Showing div at the center of the webpage  Showing div at the center of the webpage 

Java Interview Questions

jquery dialog box center
jquery dialog box center  How to create dialog box with center alignment in jquery..?   $('my-selector').dialog('option', 'position', 'center 

HTML Questions

Vertically center page
Vertically center page  I know how to center the text of the page Horizontally ..but is it possible to vertically center page in HTML or CSS?  ... as given below... Vertically center page in CSS .className{ width:300px 

Programming Tutorials

Mozilla Developer Center
Mozilla Developer Center       Great site to get a first look at AJAX. Read full Description 

Ajax Questions

California Drug Rehab Center
Ajax example  Java and Ajax examples 

Ajax Questions

how to display the image in center - Ajax
how to display the image in center  i want to dispaly the image as center of the screen using javascript..while i am clicking the button ..any one give me the code for this one 

Java Code Examples

How to center a frame
How to center a frame In this tutorial, you will learn how to center a frame... and minimize also. Here we are going to center the frame on the screen. The best way to do this is to use the java.awt.Toolkit api. The given code center 

PHP Tutorial

PHP GD center text
- 1, $border); $text = 'This is the text which is center of image..._width = $font_width * strlen($text); $position_center = ceil(($width..., $position_center, $position_middle, $text, $textcolor); header("Content-type 

Java Beginners

help me
help me  Dear sir/medam i would like to know how to use the java... the order, Fourth button is Find length of text. and there are panels. Please help me...(); f.add(p1,BorderLayout.NORTH); f.add(p2,BorderLayout.CENTER 

Java Beginners

minor project on service center management in core java
minor project on service center management in core java  I need a minor project on service center management in core java...If u have then plz send me 


How to display the font in center
How to display the font in center   ... the font in center. To display the font in center, the method paint() is defined..., "Java", 200, 75); paint(g2d, "is an", 200, 125); paint(g2d, "Object 

Java Beginners

Help in making a text formatter
Help in making a text formatter  I have a question on how to make a text formatter using Java. I attempted in doing so, but got a really low score on it, and so I'm having to rely on someone kind enough to help me. We use 

JavaScript Questions

Help needed for Form Validation please help!
Help needed for Form Validation please help!  I have created a page...;%@ page language="java" session="true" %> <% //Getting the text...;<div align="center"> <a href="main.html" ><button accesskey=a> 

Java Server Faces Questions

jsf center tag needed - Java Server Faces Questions
jsf center tag needed  which tag we have to use for center in JSF. normally in html we are using tag. like that i need my submitt button in center in my JSF page. give me the solution. thanks in advance.  Hi friend 

Programming Tutorials

open source help desk
solutions?.    Center Help desk component Globodigital.net has updated it Support Center Help desk component for Joomla based...Open Source Help Desk Open Source Help Desk Software As my help desk 

JSP Interview Questions

need help...................please
need help...................please  I have a problem in my JSP Coding... on this area. Please help me. By the way, I'm using access Database and JSP coding...; <table border="0" width="400px" align="center" bgcolor="#CDFFFF"> < 

Development process Questions

help   how i can send a pitcture on url in java 

Applet Questions

help  pls help me to get the code of a java program a program to perform different shapes in a menu using javaapplet 

JSP Servlet Questions

Logic error? HELP PLEASE! :(
Logic error? HELP PLEASE! :(  Hello Guys! i have a huge problem. What...//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><%@page language="java" contentType="text...; <div align="center"> <img src="theme/images 

Java Beginners

help  i need help with this code. write a java code for a method named addSevenToKthElement that takes an integer array, and an integer k as its arguments and returns the kth element plus 7. any help would be greatly 

HTML Questions

HELP  I need this code to open in a new web browser. but no matter what i do it wont please help?? Directive 055 Storage Requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry 

Java Beginners

How to attach file to HP Quality Center [QC] using java
How to attach file to HP Quality Center [QC] using java  Hello All, Do any one know how to upload attachments to QC Test Case Run Instance using java In QC we have <BR> Test Lab<BR> |_Test Set Instcance< 

Java Beginners

Help...  Write a class that displays your first name vertically down the screen ?? where each letter uses up to 5 rows by 5 columns of a character input by you with a blank line between each letter 

HTML Questions

Help   i have a html file.. i have take input and store in database .. Tell me the steps to perform.. i have xampp it includes mysql,tomacat,apache. and how display the data from datbase .. please explain 

Java Beginners

Help!  thanks for ur code, I'd like to ask a question: after press "c" or "C", timer starts and after every delay ms, it'll print "This line is printed only once." or just print once. I'm writting a timer but it seems to perform 

Mobile Applications Questions

Help  Hi; Can anyone help me to solve this errors. I use J2ME(wirlesee Toolkit 2.5.2. for CLDC Project "SlideImageMIDlet" loaded Project settings saved Building "SlideImageMIDlet" C:\Documents and Settings\???? ?????\j2mewtk