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  • ITJASH December 23, 2011 at 3:36 PM


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Features and Limitations of the Application
Features and Limitations of the Application       Some features of the application... arraylist to every client. Limitations of the application are as follows 

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text limitations  to give text limitations, i want to show only 50 words in dat page 

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concerned over the limitations of e-commerce solutions. It is true that shopping... like cable, dialup, ISDN and wireless have their own access limitations.... Apart from this, there are many other non-technical limitations as we will look 


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not have the limitations of CGI programs. This makes the programs and application... application. init() method can only be called once. Every client request is received 


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Application based special type of Web Hosting Besides, OS based, priced based... that is known as application based web hosting that performs according to web application. We have covered a wide range of web hosting service based on the nature 

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web application  what is lazy loading in web based application 

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Swing application  Hello, I want to develop a Swing application... the application not through web browsers, instead through a Swing desktop application GUIs. Please help me to develop such an application 

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bank application  hello sir I got the simple bank application project which is very useful but I want the database for this project kindly send me database for this simple online bank application 

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jsp application  write a jsp application that will receive an integer from the client , check if the integer is even or odd and send the result to the client 

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web application  Dear friend, could u plz tell me wats difference bt web server,application server,container with thanks praveen 

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registration application  How to develop a registration application in struts which has seperate file for database connection and data checking and form and action 

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Introduction To Application The present application is an online test application, which takes online tests on programming languages. In this application... actions, forwarding request from one action to other etc. In this application 

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RegisterForm Application  I am trying run an simple struts application, but it is giving me error: HTTP-status 404 type-status report message-/register description-The requested resource (/register) is not available. plz give me 

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Architecture of application
components: - Desktop client application (multi-user, multi-role) - Swing... what schould I read, internet links, tutorials would be useful for me. Application... to comunicate between client and middleware running on top of application server, some 

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Chat Server
: Features and Limitations of the Application  ...; Chat server is a standlone application that is made up the combination of two-application, server application (which runs on server side) and client application 

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Application Variable  I have multiple JSP's that are connected to a Database specifically MSSQL, I connect to the DB using a property file containing the necessary data to establish a connection.. In every page I have to call 

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application for an Employee  hi , could any one help for coding in JSP-servlets.. the prob desc is : 1.INPUT:in the 1st page it should accept input for an employeelike (name,empid ,address,dob) and persist in database 2.UPDATE 

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struts application  hi, i can write a struts application in this first i can write enter data through form sidthen it will successfully saved into data base **but now i can apply to some validation to that form fileds 

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Swing Application  hello, i am making swing application in java i am unable to run prog......when my rite clikcing on my project name and clicking thn run it is not showing output .....and when i am cliking on individual java 

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loyality application  Loyalty Application XYZ Bank is a leading... and the senior management wanted to create an attractive Loyalty Application... Mobile recharge coupon Aircel M04 48 The application should provide an option 

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converter application  Develop a converter application using event-driven programming paradigm of Java. Procedure: 1. Design a menu bar with two menus. 2. The first menu has the following menu items, Distance, Currency 

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JDBC - limitations of jdbc  What are the limitations of JDBC 

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Mapping Application
Mapping Application The mapping is done within an action file called struts.xml. In the xml file you need to write the name of the action, their corresponding action class and results returned from the Action class. Before mapping