Loading Manifest File



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Namrata Sahu
Loading Manifest File
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Duplicate name in Manifest   Hello I'm facing the following error... java.util.jar.Attributes read WARNING: Duplicate name in Manifest: Depends-On. Ensure that the manifest does not have duplicate entries, and that blank lines separate individual
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in both your manifest and in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF entry in the jar file...Duplicate name in Manifest   Hello, I don't have the classpath... WARNING: Duplicate name in Manifest: Depends-On. Ensure that the manifest does
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containing the main method using the Manifest file "manifest.mf". To set.... One must also specify a Classpath in Manifest file if the application is dependent... the classes into one JAR file, we make it portable that can be run anywhere and on any
Class.forName will do while loading drivers
Class.forName will do while loading drivers  What Class.forName will do while loading drivers
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on the underlying database(file structure). The results needs to stored in H2 database
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