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October 17, 2008 at 12:50 PM

Hi friend,

Code to help in solving the problem :

<a href="some-page" id="one">bring your mouse here</a>
<div dojoType="PostTooltip" style="display:none;"
<div id="two" style="background-color: white; border: 1px dashed #aaaaaa;">
this is a custom loading message.

function updatePostTooltip(postUrl, uniqId) {{
url: postUrl,
load: function(type, evalObject){
dojo.debug("data received from "+postUrl);
mimetype: "text/javascript"

function adjustPostTooltipDimensions(uniqId) {
var sHeight = document.getElementById(uniqId).scrollHeight;
var sWidth = document.getElementById(uniqId).scrollWidth;
var maxHeight = 450;
var maxWidth = 480;
dojo.debug("height and width are "+sHeight+" and "+sWidth+" for "+uniqId);
if (sHeight > maxHeight) {
dojo.debug("resizing to max height "+maxHeight);
document.getElementById(uniqId).style.height = maxHeight + "px";
document.getElementById(uniqId).style.overflow = "auto";
if (sWidth > maxWidth) {
dojo.debug("resizing to max width "+maxWidth);
document.getElementById(uniqId).style.width = maxWidth + "px";
document.getElementById(uniqId).style.overflow = "auto";



//we have added three new variables, uniqId, contentUrl and hasContents
uniqId: "",
contentUrl: "",
hasContents: 0,
//We modify this function from the original in dojo.widget.html.Tooltip
onShow: function() {
// copied as is from dojo/src/widget/html/Tooltip.js;
//end of copied code
//this is our code
if (this.hasContents == 0) {
updatePostTooltip(this.contentUrl, this.uniqId);
this.hasContents = 1;


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