j2me- how to subtract time s in j2me???



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j2me- how to subtract time s in j2me???
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hello everyone!! Am a final year student doing BCA!!

I have taken up j2me as my project and am trying to do world clock using only CLDC!! A simple clock shown in a digital format (hr:min:sec). and i want to add certain features to the app like emergency numbers and ISD of that selected country.

As am new to this j2me... am looking for help with the coding part!!

**i want to know as to how exactly to subtract time or time zones?? like if i want to find the time of America being in india... how do i find that???**

**else calculating the time statically by taking the present time from the device(mobile phone)and displaying the time when tat country is asked to display??**

please help!!! :(

thank you!! :D

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