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Christina chong
Java Graphical user interface
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Hi, guys. I'm christina, need help with my home work

Task 1: GUI Design and Implementation

The user requirements of your Java quiz GUI application are specified by the following program flow in two stages.

Stage 1 ‚?? Registration Screen:

Fig 1 is the screen of the GUI in first stage. Your program window should be located at the centre of the screen when it starts. It provides an interface to register the student name. In this screen, there should be one tool bar at the top containing a ‚??Score‚?? button, an ‚??Exit‚?? button and an area for student name registration. There should be sufficient space between buttons and the registration area. The registration area should contain a label to guide student to input the name in a text field, a text field to input the name and a ‚??Register‚?? button. All of them should locate closely to indicate they are in a group to serve one purpose.

Before the name is typed into the name field, a dialog box should pop up to remind the registration if the ‚??Score‚?? button or ‚??Register‚?? button is pressed, or a return key is pressed in the text field, as shown in the Fig 1. The dialog box should have the same Look and Feel as the main frame.

After the student name is typed into the text field and a return key is pressed or the register button is pressed, the program should progress to the next stage.

At any stages, if the exit button is pressed, the program should exit.

Fig 1: First stage screen shot

Stage 2 ‚?? Question Screen:

Fig 2 is the screen of the GUI in second stage for true and false questions. It presents the questions to users and receives the user answer. In this screen, the registration area in the tool bar should be disabled to prevent any modification to the student name. It should contain an area to present question and an area to receive the answer. Radio buttons should be used for answer selection and the selection should be exclusive. (Only one answer can be selected.) At the bottom of the screen, there should be a ‚??Next‚?? button to proceed to the next question. (If no answer is selected before pressing the ‚??Next‚?? button, it should be considered as a wrong answer.) In this stage, if the score button is pressed, the current score should be displayed in a dialog box. The layout requirement is specified in Fig 2.

Fig 2: Second stage screen shot of True and False Questions

Fig 3 shows the screen for the last question where the ‚??Next‚?? button should change to the ‚??Get Score‚?? button. When the ‚??Get Score‚?? button is pressed, the program should progress to the next stage.

Get Score Button

Fig 3: The screen shot of the last question in the second stage

Fig 4 is the screen in third stage for the score presentation. It should present the final score with the student name. It should contain an ‚??Exit‚?? button. It should not contain the tool bar in previous stages.

In this stage, you can design any layout you like as long as you meet the above requirements.

Fig 4: screen shot for the final score presentation

For this assignment, you should submit all your programs including the Java quiz GUI application, and question file. Basically all files that required to run your program.

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