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Basavaraj Reddy
what is the Difference between weblogic and jboss?
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what is the Difference between weblogic and jboss?


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February 11, 2011 at 4:13 PM

Difference between JBoss and Weblogic server

1.JBoss is a Open source product(freeware),whereas WebLogic are paid ones.

2.Weblogic has self Concole 7001 and u can change console setting as per requirement,where as Jboss is dependent on Tomcat.

3.WebLogic has extra features that JBoss doesn't have. WebLogic has an excellent web-based admin console that enables you to configure JMS Queues/Topics, DataSources, and Security Realms - and much more. WebLogic has had an admin console since at least 2002/3.

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