javascript in firefox
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javascript in firefox - Java Beginners
javascript in firefox  i am not able to run javascript in firfox. firefox does not run javascript. i have also enabled it from tool -> options and checked on enabled javascript still its does not run. it does give any
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javascript and jquery not working in google chrome and firefox  <...="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http
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some methods not working on firefox and chrome  why some of javascript methods are not working on firefox and chrome? ex : createElement(). Please help me to solve this problem. adv thanx
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Focus method not working in firefox  object.focus() is not working in firefox and chrome the element is not focused what was the problem
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Why disable.this works in fireFox but n ot IE  When I put this line of code in my program, it works beautifully in firefox, but does not submit when using IE <input type="submit" id="9" value="Generate Report" onclick
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File Upload is working in FireFox & Chrome but not in IE7 using java & jquery  Hi, I have a form which is called on my button click "Upload a file... works fine at FireFox & Chrome,but when I tried to upload the file from Internet
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Text box size varying in IE 7 but ok in firefox  I have problem with the size of text field which varies in IE 7 only but its fixed in Firefox( I have two text boxes one for email id and other for password both with the same text
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Javascript   Javascript to check Numeric entry in checkbox.....   Hi Please find the following code for numeric entry validation in javascript function validateBox(){ var data=document.myForm.someText.value
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Javascript  <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function validateForm() { var sname=document.getElementById('spocname'); var scontact=document.getElementById('spoccontact'); if(sname.value.length