PDF to Word Conversion
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PDF to Word Conversion  Hello, Can we convert a PDF document to Microsoft word document thru Java. If its not possible in Java, is it possible in any other language
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Byte array to PDF Conversion  Hi, Am getting a letter Format in Byte array and i have to display that in PDF.Is that possible in PHP ? If so please let me knw how should i ? I can able to display that in a word Document but i
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convert word document to pdf  Hi, Could you please help me write a java code that converts the word docuemnt into PDF? I have to save the generated..."); f.convert(fos,"pdf"); I would also want to know, what does "OfficeFile" in the code
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Reports to pdf conversion  I need to convert reports into pdf format using java.. Will i get any sample code
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pdf to xml conversion  i want to convert pdf file into xml file.. where i am having a table in pdf file with some headers and some data into it. i want the headers to be the tag of xml file. how can i do that using java? please
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Java code to convert pdf file to word file  How to convert pdf file to word file using Java
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onfly conversion of jsp to pdf (urgent)  Hi, i m facing problem to convert jsp to pdf on on fly, i have an application in which there is some... (in PDF form) on a button click event all the text in jsp is dynamic comes from
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Excel / Doc to PDF conversion using Acrobat9  Hi, I need to convert .xls / .doc files to .pdf files using Acrobat9. Please suggest the possible... and POI library to convert doc file into pdf file. import*; import
I want to put user guide in pdf and word in side WEB-INF and need to give link on the home page
I want to put user guide in pdf and word in side WEB-INF and need to give link on the home page  I want to put user guide in pdf and word formats in side WEB-INF (for security reasons, I want these documents visible after user
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Convert ZIP To PDF       Lets discuss the conversion of a zipped file into pdf file... by using the string class constructor.Generate a pdf file by using
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pdf to text  how to covert pdf file (which contain table and text) into word or excel file using itext api
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conversion Applet  I am a java beginner.................. strong texthow to create JApplet that prompts the user to enter a distance in miles in a JTextField and then converts mile to kilometers and display the result as XX.XX
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currency conversion   hi frds.. I wan jsp code to convert currency in different formats??... if u know plz plz plz post it   Please visit the following link:
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PDF to Image  Java code to convert PDF to Image
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MicroSoft word  sir i want to develop an swing application like the microsoft word Document.can you help me pls
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pdf generation.  i want to generate the data which is stored in mysql data base in pdf format with php. how i will do
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image conversion tools  how many tools are available in image conversion at particularlly in java
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pdf to database  Hi, I want to read the data from pdf(pdf file is having 50 fields) which is placed in database file and store that into MySQL database. I want this process untill the rows completed in the database file
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PDF document  hello, How to Open a PDF document on iPhone??   You can use these There's a whole toolkit built in which lets you render PDF pages to a UIView. Check out: CGPDFDocumentCreateWithURL
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upload pdf   i want to dispal content of pdf fil and stored into database in human readable form using php . how can i do
PDF Comparator
PDF Comparator  Hi Guys, I need to develop a program which should compare a set of pdf files stored in one folder with a set of pdf files stored in another folder. Both folders should contain the same no. of pdf files with same
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itext pdf  i am generating pdf using java i want to do alignment in pdf using java but i found mostly left and right alignment in a row. i want to divide single row in 4 parts then how can i do
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pdf restriction  i have certain pdf files that have restrictions on it as copy ,read,extract text etc.. i want to remove restriction by java code. so is there any way to do this? plz help thanks in advance rohit
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Convert BLOB to PDF and save it to a location  I have a requirement to convert blob(stored in a DB table) back to .pdf in the UI(for the users to download). i could achieve this for single blob to file conversion(with a prompt
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