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runtime.exec(callAndArgs)  Using java class Runtime and passing String array {pathtoSomeProgram,fileToOpen} to the exec method will in most cases bring up the program displaying the file(if the file is recognized by the program
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How to Get currently running processes in a tabular form in java  I need to create a frame that shows all the current running processes in the system in a tabular form. i used Process proc = runtime.exec(cmds); but it only gives
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; Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime(); Process process = runtime.exec.../users"); Process process = runtime.exec(url); BufferedReader
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BufferedReader reads the file from the console and the method runtime.exec...;= runtime.exec("cmd /c dir "+fname);  
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in the lang package and extends Object class. The method Runtime.exec() creates a native.... The Runtime.exec() method may not work well for windowing processes, daemon processes
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environment. Runtime.exec(String[] command): This method helps you to run
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runtime.exec("cmd/c dir" +fname) executes the process