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converter application
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Develop a converter application using event-driven programming paradigm of Java. Procedure: 1. Design a menu bar with two menus. 2. The first menu has the following menu items, Distance, Currency, and Temperature. 3. The second menu has Help and Exit options. 4. When a menu item is selected load the respective Frame / Panel. 5. Each Frame should two text boxes for input and output the values and two combo boxes to select the conversion options. Have a convert button to do the conversion action. 6. Use an appropriate layout and short cut keys to select the options. 7. When the Help option is selected in the second menu, display proper explanation about each of the conversions in a text area. 8. For distance conversion, the combo box has the following items: millimeter, centimeter, meter, decimeter, kilometer 9. For Currency conversion, the combo box has the following items: Rupees, US Dollar, Euro, British pound, Yen, Chinese Yuan 10. For Temperature conversion, the combo box items are,

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September 4, 2012 at 11:18 AM

Please do not get copied programs from the internet to the lab. Your name has been duly noted for getting programs from the net. Your verification for this program will be cancelled.

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