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import java.util.*; public class HangMan2 { char guess; String userInputs; String word; static String[] userInput; static Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in); static Random rand = new Random();

    // The following routine will determin if the character c
    // is inside the String str.  A true is returned if it is inside.

    static boolean isIn(char c, String str)

            return false;

        for(int i=0;i<str.length();i++)

            if (c==str.charAt(i));
        return true;

    // If userInputs contains "ard" and strToGuess contains "aardvark" then
    // the following routine prints out an output that looks something like:
    // Current Status for userInpts=ard
    // a a r d _ a r _

    // This routine returns true if all letters were guessed, otherwise false is returned.

     static boolean printCurrStatus(String strToGuess, String userInputs)

         String status="";
         for (int i1=0;i1<strToGuess.length();i1++)

         for (int i2=0;i2<strToGuess.length();i2++)
         for (int i3=0;i3<userInputs.length();i3++)
         char c=userInputs.charAt(i3);

         if (userInputs.charAt(i3)==strToGuess.charAt(i2))

         int len =status.length();
         String substr=status.substring(0,i2);


//** Fill in Details

if (status.equals(strToGuess)) return true; else return false; }

    // The following routine will return a random String from the list of words:
    // elephant, tiger, monkey, baboon, barbeque, giraffe,  simple, zebra, 
    // porcupine, aardvark

    static String getNextWordToGuess()

             Random generator = new Random();
              String[] array  = { "aardvark","porcupine","zebra","simple","giraffe","barbeque","baboon", "monkey","tiger","elephant"};
              int rnd = generator.nextInt(array.length);

              return array[rnd];

        //********** Fill in Details
        // HINT: a switch statement can be quite useful here

    // The following routine plays the hangman game. It calls getNextWordToGuess to
    // get the word that should be guessed.  It then has a loop which outputs the 
    // following prompt:
    // Enter next letter
    // A String named userInputs stores all letters selected already.  
    // Then the routine printCurrStatus is called to print out the current status of
    // the guessed word.  If printCurrStatus returns true, we are done.

    static void playGame()
        String word = HangMan2.getNextWordToGuess();
        boolean current=true;

    String userInputs;


            System.out.println("Hello, and welcome to Hangman!");
                System.out.println("Enter next letter");
                userInputs= scan.next();

                current= HangMan2.printCurrStatus(word,userInputs);

                int l=word.length();
                String [] userInput=new String[l-1];


        }while(printCurrStatus(word, userInputs)==false);


//********** Fill in Details

// main will call playGame to play the hangman game.
// Then main will issue the prompt:
// Do you want to play again (y or n)
// If the answer is "y", then call playGame again, otherwise exit

public static void main(String[] args)
    String retry_ans;

      boolean retry= false;
    System.out.println("Would you like to try again?");
    retry_ans = scan.next();
        retry = true;

    }while(retry = true);



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