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Faisal Ansari
0 Answer(s)      5 years and 7 months ago
Posted in : Java Beginners

Pl sir make a program which generate the following output:

                                 ABC Company PVT LTD
                                      Main Menu

                                 1. Adding A record
                                 2. Deleting A record
                                 3. Editing A record
                                 4. See Specific record
                                 5. See all records.
                                 6. Exit

When user press 1, then show following departments on top of the right side. _______ 1. Management
2. Accounts 3. Computer 4. Sales 5. Human Resource 6. Others ________ If user select 1. management (grade 1)then show management departments 1. Chairman 2. M.D
If user select 2. Accounts, (grade 2) then show, 1. Accounts Manager 2. Accountant
3. Accounts Assistant If user selcet 3. Computer, (grade 4)then show, 1. IT Manager 2. System Analyst 3. Programmer 4. Computer Operator If user select 4. Sales (grade 5) then show, 1. Sales Manager 2. Sales Supervisor 3. Salesman If user select 5. Human Resource (grade 3) then show, 1. H.R Manager If user select 6. Others, then show, 1. Clerk 2. Peon 3. Guard And go back from ESC.

After this program ask to salary then ask, Enter more records Y\N.

Then Adding a record and user want to see a specific record, then program show the added record to the user by given the employee number. And show His name, Post, salary, grade, medical allowance, house rent, convience, in following manner.

                              Employee Name       : 
                              Job                 : 
                              Grade               :
                              department          :
                              salary              :
                              rent                :
                              medical allowance   :
                              convience allowance :
                              Gross Pay           :
                              Tax Charged         :
                              Net Pay             :

                              See More Records    Y/N

If user want to see all records then program show in following manner. ABC Company PVT LTD All records display

Page 1:
Emploe no: Emp Name Salary conv medical house gross tax net

1 ......... 2 ......... 3 ......... 4 ......... 5 .........

                        Press any key to exit

(tax, allowances calculation do urself sir according to job and grade)

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