getters and setters



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Dennis Williams
getters and setters
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Create a Pet class that contains the following properties: A species (cat, dog, hamster, etc) an age, and an age_factor that represents the average lifespan of the animal compared to humans. (for example, the average lifespan of a hamster is about 2 years. the average human lives a little longer than 70 years, so we will divide 70 by 2. 1 human year = 35 hamster years)

Create the following methods: A constructor, getters and setters, and a humanYears method that will return how old the animal is in human years.

Finally, in your Main program, instantiate three different animals using your Pet class. A dog (agefactor = 7), A hamster (agefactor = 35) and some other animal (you can make up the age factor if you wish) Print out how old each of the animals is in human years.

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