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Rashad Morris
20 question Game involving recursive methods
0 Answer(s)      6 years and 5 months ago
Posted in : Java Beginners

I have a problem with compiling my program. Any help please.

My code of line where it says "Node first = Node()" i get the error"String.Node cannot be resolved to a type"

import java.util.Scanner;

//import TwentyQuestions.Node;

public class TwentyQuestions { class Node {

    public String question;
    public Node yesChild;
    public String name;
    public Node noChild;
    public void branch() {
        Scanner in = new Scanner(;
        String input;
        if(question != null)            // Keep traversing branches.
            System.out.println(question);   // Ask question.
            input = in.nextLine().trim().toLowerCase();
            if (input.contains("yes"))
                yesChild.branch();      // Yes branch.
                noChild.branch();       // No branch.
        else if(question == null)           // Reached end of branch.
            System.out.println("Is it a/an " + name + "?"); //Guess animal.
            input = in.nextLine().trim().toLowerCase();
            if(input.contains("yes"))   // Animal found. Return to base.
                System.out.println("All your base are belong to us.");
            else                // Guess is incorrect, add new animal.
                System.out.println("I give up.");
                System.out.println("What is your animal?");
                String newName = in.nextLine().trim().toLowerCase();
                System.out.println("What is a question that you "
                        + "would answer no to " + newName + ", but "
                        + "yes to " + name + "?");
                String newQuestion = in.nextLine().trim();
                yesChild = new Node();
       = name;
                noChild = new Node();
       = newName;
                name = null;
                question = newQuestion;
                System.out.println("Your animal, " + newName 
                        + ", has been added to my databanks.");
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub


static String question;
public Node yesChild;
public Node noChild;

public static void main(String[] args) { String root = ""; Scanner in; boolean has; Node first = Node(); // Create first QNode. first.question = "Is your animal larger than a car?"; // Add first question. first.yesChild = new Node(); // Create first Y branch. = "Elephant"; // Add 'elephant'. first.noChild = new Node(); // Create first N branch. = "Mouse"; // Add 'mouse'. do // Loop until 'quit' is entered. { first.branch(); System.out.println("Play again or quit?"); in = new Scanner(; has = in.nextLine().trim().toLowerCase().contains("quit"); } while(!(has)); System.out.println("Thanks for playing, have a nice day."); }

/*public void branch() {




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