timetable generation



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timetable generation
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timetable generation  i want to generate college timetable which is web based which contains courses(B.Tech,MCA,M.Tech),subjects,faculties.i need code.can anyone help me
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: Generate TimeTable using JSP
Time table generation
: Generate TimeTable using JSP   Thanks for your reply but still i have... have arrange 6 days and 8 periods timetable as in schools and colleges we have... query by making a database connection to select the timetable of particular
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Version of com.ariht>config-generation-maven-plugin dependency
List of Version of com.ariht>config-generation-maven-plugin dependency
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jsp code for date generation  hai i am meyis i need a jsp program code for date generation.(mssql-back end) Fields are fromdate and todate both field are datetime datatype. Button:-save,cancel,exit todate is taken from
Maven Dependency config-generation-maven-plugin >> 0.9.10
You should include the dependency code given in this page to add Maven Dependency of com.ariht >> config-generation-maven-plugin version0.9.10 in your project