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How to retrieve the file status?



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Prem Sagar
How to retrieve the file status?
0 Answer(s)      5 years ago
Posted in : JSP-Servlet

Hi all,

I did a project which belongs to file tracking system. My project contains two departments Customs and Accounts. My issue is when the admin officer checks for the file status, it has to display that the file is at customs dept or accounts dept. The file status can be displayed as "Assigned to Customs" if Customs "Assigned to Accounts" if Accounts Dept.... I also have a status field in my database which shows "assigned" when assigned to customs.

As soon as the admin officer enters the reference no. it provides the file status....

The admin officer page contains a form with label named "enter ref no." and a "text field" when he click search button..... it checks the entire database

and retrieves the result that the file is at customs dept if the file is with customs.

Please provide me a code using JSP on how to retrieve the result..... I don't want to use Ajax. Thanks a lot for the solution provider...

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