rakesh dilip patil
how to get the values from dynamically generated textbox in java?
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I have retrieved data from two table both table contains two column and I display textbox corresponding to the data. I want to get data from textboxes(generated as per the retrieved data) and I want to store textbox values into the two table.

Example: Table 1.Xray (Xid,pid,type,charges)-contains 2 records with same pid(pid=45). 2.CTScan (ctid,type,charges,pid)contains 2 records with same pid.

    I retrieved type field data from both the tables(total records=4,xray type-2,ctscan type-2)and I display four textboxes(with same name).
    I want to get and update this textbox values into both the tables(Xray,CTScan).


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