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Ayaskant Pradhan
simple java search engine
0 Answer(s)      2 years and 11 months ago
Posted in : JSP-Servlet

i have already downloaded the project simple java search engine.but i am not able to run it.can anyone help me.i have attached my abstract here.if any one really understood this project then help.


Title : Simple Search Engine

System Specification:

The system on which the project developed has the following configuration.

Software Specifications: Operating System : Windows 98/NT. Front End : Java Using Servlets/Jsp. Back End : Oracle 8i or SQL Server 2000. Database Connectivity : JDBC, Microsoft ODBCDriver for Oracle

Hardware Specifications: Main Memory : 64MB. MicroProcessor : Pentium ?III. Hard Disk Drive : 4.3 GB. Cache Memory : 512KB.


Name : Kiran Qualification : MCA Experience : 2 years +

Project Overview: Now a days every user who uses Internet want to search for any thing, like Educational colleges, about Information Technology, books, news etc., using Search Engines. This is needed for every one.

The project is simple search engine, which searches the web in 3 search engines and select 25 top links and then go on that links. To develop this project we applied ranking algorithm to give the better results to the user.

Advantages ? Get clear Information ? Time consuming ? Easy to reach destination

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