env not bound



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env not bound
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env not bound - JNDI
-ds.xml to bound DB. It is working fine. But some times the server hang up with error telling "env not bound".. During the process on restarting server...env not bound  Hello All, My Application Runs in JBOSS App
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jndiname not bound  when i run EJB3.0(roseindia example)i given ic.lookup(example/CalculateBean/remote) then server throw this exception example not bound where we write this jndiname i am using jboss4.2.2Ga applicatin server
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.style1 { color: #FFFFFF; } Bounded Type Parameters In this section, you will learn how we can bound the type parameter. We can bound the types which... compilation problem: Bound mismatch: The generic method inspect(U) of type
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bean (JavaBean) contains properties that are bound to either component... of Expression Language (EL) syntax. A component instance can be bound to the bean... component type as the instance of the bound component. In this component
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Log4E-Code Management       Log4E is an Eclipse Plugin which helps you to use your logger easily in Java Projects. The Plugin Log4E is not bound to any special logging
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are bound to take it all with a pinch of salt, perhaps as a spin off of the gizmos
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Use multiple catch statement in single jsp       In java a single try can have multiple catch statements. The code bound by the try block need not always throw a single
Given a list of responsibilities, identify which belong to the deployer, bean provider, application assembler, container provider, system administrator, or any combination.
the env-entry elements in the deployment descriptor... the env-entry-value element, the value CAN be changed later..., in the java:comp/env/ejb JNDI context
Identify correct and incorrect statements about the purpose and use of the deployment descriptor elements for environment entries, EJB references, and resource manager connection factory r
the InitialContext under the name java:comp/env. The enterprise bean's ENVIRONMENT...;java:comp/env/foo/name4"); ... } <session>...;com.wombat.empl.EmployeeServiceBean</ejb-class> ... <env-entry> <
Given a list of methods for a stateful or stateless session bean class, define which of the following operations can be performed from each of those methods: SessionContext interface metho
:comp/env environment naming context, resource manager access, and other...) access to java:comp/env environment naming context, resource manager.... JNDI access to java:comp/env
Bio informatics
Bio informatics  Java source code for motif finding problem usin branch and bound technique
hibernate   i am using hibernate3.2.5 and oracle9i. First i set classpath to ojdbc14.jar and all the hibernate jar files to path env variable.After that when i try to execute the program i got an error "unknown oracle major
Chapter 13. Enterprise Bean Environment
. Each env-entry element describes a single environment entry. The env-entry element consists of an optional description of the environment entry, the environment entry NAME relative to the java:comp/env
Chapter 3. Develop clients that access the enterprise components
; TravelAgentHome agentHome = null; Object home = null; try { Hashtable env = new... InitialContext(env); home = initialContext.lookup("java:comp/env/ejb.... At deployment, the EJB reference is bound to the home of the enterprise bean
("Socket is bound"); if(socket.isConnected()) System.out.println("Socket... is bound"); if(socket.isConnected()) System.out.println("Socket is connected
Chapter 10. Message-Driven Bean Component Contract
:comp/env/jms/stockInfoQueue"); Message-driven beans don't... of the javax.ejb.MessageDrivenContext interface, the java:comp/env environment naming...--setMessageDrivenContextJNDI access to java:comp/env
unable to get value returned from javascript variable in page
=request.getSession().setAttribute("radiovalue",request.getParameter("env")); String connect=request.getParameter("env"); System.out.println(connect
Writing Deployment Descriptor of Stateless Session Bean
-type> <env-entry> <env-entry-name>testSessionBean</env-entry-name> <env-entry-type>java.lang.String</env-entry-type> <env-entry-value>Test Bean</env-entry-value> </env-entry>
IndexOutOfBoundsException  whis is the IndexOutOfBoundsException in java? or define IndexOutOfBoundsException with exp?   Have a look at the following links: http://www.roseindia.net/java/java-exception/index-out-bound
HibernateTemplate  Hi, This is Rajesh.currently i am using hibernate in project in that i am using hibernatetemplate when i connect database it shows following exception. **Not closing pre-bound Hibernate Session after
Writing Calculator Stateless Session Bean
;String    COMP_NAME="java:comp/env/ejb/CalculatorBean";  ...; <env-entry> <env-entry-name>testSessionBean</env-entry-name> <env-entry-type>java.lang.String</env-entry
HttpSessionBindingEvent example
the HttpSessionListener when it need to bound or unbound a session. Code: package... been bound to or unbound from a session. If the variable hold some some value
Context binding
(); ((InitialContext) context).bind("java:comp/env", "MyApp"); } public String getName...(); return (String) ((InitialContext) context).lookup("java:comp/env
jsp - JDBC
Env. Type Synopsis Status <% try{ Class.forName...")+"</td>"); out.print("<td class=smalltext>"+rs.getString("env
PHP list all variables
;GLOBALS value------>Array key---->_ENV value------>Array key---->HTTP_ENV_VARS value------>Array key---->_POST value------>Array key
How does getcurrentsession() method works in hibernate sessionfactory?
the current session. The "current session" refers to a Hibernate Session bound
Spring MVC, request object in val;idator class
the variable. Now there may be some elements on your view which are not bound to any
is to notify an object when it is bound to or unbound from a session. This interface... the object that is being bound to a session and is responsible for identifying...(): It returns the name with which the object is bound or unbound from the session
Datasource - JSP-Servlet
is not bound in this Context