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Advanced Concepts with Classes
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Advanced Concepts with Classes( Inheritance, Polymorphism, Overriding)

i need help to create this application,than you
Employees in a company are divided into the classes Employee, HourlyPaid,
SalesCommissioned, and Executive for the purpose of calculating their weekly
wages or monthly salaries. The data to be maintained for each class may be summarized
as follows:

Employee class- Name of employee
HourlyPaid class - Rate of pay
Total weekly hours worked
SalesCommissioned class- Percentage commission on total sales
Total sales for month
Executive class- Incremental point on annualsalary

The methods used in each class may be summarized as follows:
Employee class getName
computePay?as an abstract method
HourlyPaid class - getRate
SalesCommissioned class - getPercentage
Executive class - getIncrement

Note: To compute the monthly gross wage of an executive, it is necessary to construct a
one-dimensional array containing an increasing annual salary scale. Each subscript to
the array equates to an incremental point on the salary scale.
Implement the classes and write a test program to verify that the classes function
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