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What is the advantage of hibernate over JDBC?
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What is the advantage of hibernate over JDBC?



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May 1, 2013 at 3:57 PM


The Hibernate is an open source persistence programming technology of Java language. Hibernate offers ORM library and high performance query services. Hibernate plays as bridge between database and Applications.

JDBC is an abbreviation of Java Database Connectivity. Java Database connectivity(JDBC) allows user to connect with database to handling the data. JDBC offers methods for querying and updating data by using the SQL.

In JDBC you need to write code for mapping data of your object model and corresponding database. The benefits of using Hibernate you need not require to write code for mapping data of your object model. In hibernate you find the feature of Object/Relational mapping.

Hibernete suppots various queryinhg concept of native SQL, Hibernate query language(HQL) also object orient concepts of criteria. Where as Java Database connectivity(JDBC) only support Native SQL.

For more about the advantages of using Hibernate over JDBC read this article link:


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