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selectbox in jsp it is possible? if it is possible pls send me that code urgent
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(selectbox,text,value ) { var optn = document.createElement("OPTION...); } function addItems(selectbox){ addItem(document.list.item, "One","One"); addItem...(selectbox) { var i; for(i=selectbox.options.length-1;i>=0;i
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jSP   A.JSP ::I am retriving database A CLICKS "A"VLUES AS IT IS A-Z ONE MORE 0-9.into one selectbox .that selected string value rigt arrow clicks goto retrive another select box.left arrow that data removies(don't show repeted
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,"Connecticut", "Connecticut"); } } function removeAllOptions(selectbox...--){ //selectbox.options.remove(i); selectbox.remove(i); } } function addOption(selectbox
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Ajax code   I want an ajax code in jsp where selecting a listbox changes the other selectbox values .Suppose take a country as one select box and the other select box contains cities in the particular country...Values should
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on the form. The property selectBox must be an array of supported data
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="nav_2_4_2"   itemLabel="#{example_messages['nav_Selectbox
addOption(selectbox,text,value ) { var optn = document.createElement("OPTION
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, the multi-line selectbox. They both basically do the same thing; that is, they choose... of them. While the multi-line selectbox typically