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Custom Annotation
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August 12, 2008 at 3:09 PM

Hi friend,

Custom Annotation

1)Annotations are metadata of a data.

2)Annotations to annotate a Java element.

3)An annotation show the declared element processed by a compiler,

4)development tool, deployment tool, or during runtime.

5)Annotations types are blueprints for annotations.

The code of a normal annotation type:

public @interface Anotaion {

int sValue();

String sOValue();


6).It can be processed statically before and during compile time.

7)It can be used before compile time mainly to generate supporting classes or configuration files

Categories of annotations

a)Marker annotations

e.g : @SingleAnnotationType

b)Single-value annotations

e.g : @SingleAnnotationType("datavalue")

c)Full annotations






item="item1", assignedTo="AT1"





item="Item2", assignedTo="AT1" )



Marker: Marker type annotations have no elements


public @interface SingleAnnotation {



public void mymethod() {



Single-Element:Annotations provide a data only.

public @interface SingleElement


String doWork();



@SingleElement("Do work")

public void SingleMethodType() {



Full-value type annotations have multiple data members.

public @interface MultipleAnnotation {

String doWork();

int ecounter; String date();


@MyAnnotation (doSomething="Do work", ecount=5,


public void MultipleMethod() {




Thanks & Regards


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