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PHPeclipse       The latest PHPeclipse CVS code can be tested with the nightly builds, which are available through the Eclipse Update mechanism:
Photran, an eclipse plugin for Fortran developement
-highlighting editor CVS support GUI interface to gdb Makefile-based
support similar to CVS support, which is already part of the standard Eclipse platform. The main use cases, which are familiar to CVS users, are: Connection...: Interactive merge operation, similar to merge in Eclipse CVS plug-in Full
boneclipse-cvsgrapher       This plugin adds a new menu item to the Team submenu when you click on a resouce that is under CVS control, which opens a graphical editor
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Subversion Eclipse Plugin on Eclipse IDE. Eclipse provides in-built plugin for CVS... as a popular replacement for CVS. Subversion offers improved performance, atomic commit, easy and fast branching over CVS. Subclipse an Eclipse plugin for Subversion