Tourist Places of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, the land of World's one of the seven wonders 'Taj Mahal' is one of the most popular tourist destinations and religious tourist places of India. U.P's Allahabad, Varanasi, Sarnath, and Kushinager are religiously very crucial pilgrimage destinations for Hindus and Buddhists respectively.



Tourist Places in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, the land of World's one of the seven wonders 'Taj Mahal' is one of the most popular tourist destinations and religious Tourist places of India. Uttar Pradesh in short U.P. is equally attractive place for both tourists and devotees, as it homes to several rich heritage sites including UNESCO's world Heritage sites i.e. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri; glorious monuments and most prestigious holy places for Hindus. U.P's Allahabad, Varanasi, Sarnath, and Kushinager are religiously very crucial pilgrimage destinations for Hindus and Buddhists respectively.

Geographically, Uttar Pradesh is diversified into two distinctive regions i.e. the larger gangetic plains that is extremely fertile alluvial soil and the smaller Vindhya hills, the plateau region. The state comprises several churning rivers, coy lakes, ponds, low altitudes high lands, forests, and wild life sanctuaries. The rivers of Uttar Pradesh are considered extremely consecrated and every year millions of Hindu devotees take holy bath in those rivers. The Kumbh Mela/festival organised at every 12-year duration at the confluence in Allahabad, where the mass gathering breaks its own world record of 'largest gathering at one place' each time. Varanasi is considered the most divine land in Hindu religion while Sarnath and Kushi Nagar are sacred places due to relating to the life of Lord Buddha.

Uttar Pradesh since ancient period has always been the core of power and myriad rulers till now have ruled over here. There are several significant symbols left at this land that are very crucial from historical and architectural point of view; these include monument, shrines, ruined buildings, heritage sites etc.. U.P. has a large list of tourist attractions and amongst the foremost states in tourism.

Here is the list of Uttar Pradesh's most popular tourist destinations given below:

Agra Tourism: Located on the bank of river Yamuna, Taj Mahal & Agra fort are recognised as the World Heritage Sites, Dayal Bagh a modern architectural wonder. Ex. Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandara.

Allahabad (Paryag) Tourism:  Ancient name Paryag, Place of Most Sacred Sangam (confluence) of Ganga, Yamuna & Sarasvati, Kumbha mela once in 12 Year Birthplace of Jawahar Lal Nerhu. Fort, Akshayawat, Anand Bhavan, Planetarium.

Ayodhya Pilgrimage Tour : One of the Saptapuris located on river Saryu. Birthplace of Lord Shri Ram, Kanakbhavan, Hanumangarhi, Tulsi Chaura, Nandigram.

Travel to Bithur (Brahmavart): Ancient Sacred Place of Ganga, Capital of sage Manu, After conquering Shanivar Wada the British Government Kept Bajirao Peshwa at this place, Important centre of 1857 War of Independence.

Visit to Chandraprbha: Wildlife sanctuary of Uttar Pradesh.

Trip to Chitrakoot :  Located on river Mandakini, first Sojourn of Shri Rama during exile, Shri Rama gave Dardhan to Sant Tulsidas here.

Tourist Places in Chitrakoot Uttar Pradesh: Ashram of Atri Rishi, Spatikshila, Janaki Kund, Hanumandhara, Bharatkup and Gupt Godavari. Chitrakut project & Rama Darashan Project conducted by Shri Nanaji Deshmukh. Ram Darshan presents a panoramic view of life of Lord Shri Rama through pictures and Sculptures.

Must to see Jim Corbett Park :  Wildlife National Park of Uttar Pradesh.

Visit to Dudhwa: Wildlife National Park.

Tour to Fatehpur Sikri : Ruins of huge fort built by the Mughal emperor Akbar, Buland Darwaja is the tallest fort gate in India, Dargah of Sheikh Salim Chishti.

Travel to Garhmukteshwar UP:   Pilgrim Centre on river Ganga.

Tour to Gorakhpur: Sacred place on the confluence of rivers Rapti & Rohini Gorakhnath Temple, Vidyapeeth, Library, Geeta Press, Premchand Bhavan.

Jhansi Tourism:  Historical Place of Bundelkhand, Rani Laxmibai Immortalised this place fort.

Visit to Kannauj : Historical Place, famous for Perfumes.

Kanpur Tourism:  An industrial City on river Ganga, many Temples Singhania temple, ancient ruins of Bhitar gaon Temple

Travel to Kaushambi  UP:  Ancient place associated with Gautam Buddha located on river Yamuna near Allahabad, Buddha relics.

Kushinagar (kasia) Tour : Place of Mahaparinirvan of Gautam Buddha.

Lucknow  Tourism: Capital of Utter Pradesh on Gomati river, Palaces, Picture, Gallery, Ex. Nababganj Sanctuary.

Mathura Pilgrimage Tour: One of the Saptapuries on river Yamuna, Birthplace of Sri Krishana. Ex. Brindavan, Gokul , Govardhan, Mahavan, Nandgaon, Baldev, Barsana Comprising Brij Bhumai.

Travel to Meerut:  Memorial of Mangal Pande, Nauchandi Fair famous centre of Sports goods.

Places of Interest in Mirzapur:  Temples, Carpets, Handicrafts, Tanda Waterfall, Excursions around Vindhyachal, Ashtabhuja Devi mandir.

Trip to Moradabad: Waterfalls with intricate designs.

Visit to Naimisharanya:  Ancient Meditation Place of Rishi on Gomai chakrateerth, Vyasgaddi. Excursions near Misrikh, Dhutpap.

Sarnath Tourism: The Place of Buddha's first sermon at Deer Park.

Sravasti Travel : The Place associated with Gautam Buddha, ancient ruins.

Varanasi (Kashi, Banaras) Tourism : One of the Saptapuries, Vishwanath Temple, river ghats, Tamples, Education Centre.

Tour to Vindhyachal : The Temple of Vindhyachal Mata on river Ganga, Excursions tour from Vindhyachal to Mirzapur 8,Varanasi 75 km.

How to reach Uttar Pradesh?

Uttar Pradesh is situated in the northern part of the country and extremely easy to access. The state is well connected to its neighborhood states and other parts of the country through three major means of commutation i.e. by Air, by train/Rail and by Road.

How to get Uttar Pradesh by Air?

Uttar Pradesh has four major airports including an International Airport at Lucknow. The Amausi Airport in Lucknow is the busiest airport in the state and is well connected to major cities of India and some international cities through airways while its other five airports including Kanpur, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Agra and Allahabad are connected to few airports of the country.

How to getting Uttar Pradesh by Train?

Uttar Pradesh has a strong railway network and most of the trains that run to/from North India to South, Central and East India usually pass through this state. Its even smaller cities are well connected to one another through densest railway network. State's Mughal Sarai, Allahabad, Varanasi, Kanpur, Luchnow, Bareilly, Muradabad, Agra, Aligarh, Jhansi and Gorakhpur are well connected to several zones of Indian railway.

How to reaching Uttar Pradesh by Road?

The road network of Uttar Pradesh is strongest in India after Maharashtra. It's even smaller towns are well connected to national and state highways and easily accessible to neighborhood states. The State's Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) has a strong facility of intrastate and interstate transportation.