Pachmarhi Tour

Are you searching for Hill Station Tour in Pachmarhi? Come and enjoy the Pachmarhi sightseeing tour to explore in the beautiful hill station and other tourist attraction places. This Pachmarhi tour takes you the visiting places like Jata Shankar Caves, Pandava Caves, Apsara Vihar, Bee Falls, Duchess Falls and more.



Pachmarhi Tour: A Pride of Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Placed at an apex of 1,067 feets, Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh offers splendid variety of Mother Nature. Known as the queen of Satpura ranges, Pachmarhi is a saucer shaped hill station. Encircled by the mighty hillocks of Satpura Range, Pachmarhi, the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, is a huge flat contour. Countryside of Pachmarhi is characterized by sylvan forests, deep gorges and flinty hills.

Places to Visit Pachmarhi

Visit to Handi Khoh: It is a marvelous gorge with a 300 feet high crag in the dense forest. This beautiful place is closely concorded with Lord Shiva. It is believed that earlier Handi Khoh was a lake and it was guarded by evil snake (it was actually a demon). Lord Shiva killed the snake and the fury of Shiva dried up the water of the lake which without water looked like an empty handi. The visitors must not forget to visit Handi Khoh in order to view beautiful tranquil aspect of nature with the sound of the gushing water.

Places to Visit in Pachmarhi Jata Shankar Caves: Jata Shankar, a sacred place of Shaivite Tradition, is a natural sub terrain which preserved natural Shivalingam under the shadow of a gigantic rock. Surprisingly, the rock formation shares similarity with the hundred headed divine snake Sheshnaag. It is believed that in this cave Lord Shiva concealed himself from Bhasmasur. Jambu Dweep stream is originated from the loose boulders and the loose rocks look like the mated hair of Shiva. Awe inspiring beauty of the place will leave a mark on your mind throughout your life.

Tour to Pandava Caves: Placed on a tiny hillock, Pandava caves are believed to have been the shelter of the pandavas during their banishment. Sculped out of low hillock, these five caves also provided shelter to the Buddhist monks in 1st century. Among the five caves, most airy and the cleanest cave is known as Draupadi Kuti, the darkest one is considered as Bhim Kothari. Though the archaeologists opine that these caves have been built by the Buddhist monks during Gupta reign but these caves are much popular as the then shelter of the Pandavas during their exile.

Apsara Vihar Tour: Situated nearby to the Pandava caves, Apsara Vihar, well known as Fairy Pool is a natural bathing pool which was formed by a small waterfall. The shallow end of the pool has made it a popular picnic spot among the tourists.

During the British reign the British ladies came to this pool and the locals peeped from the bushes. They thought the white ladies were the apsaras or fairies who visited the pool. Thus the pool is named as Apsara Vihar or Fairy Pool. The pool is ideal for diving and swimming too.

Must to visit Bee Falls of Pachmarhi: Bee falls, also known as Jamuna Pratap is not only a magnificent fall in the rivulet but it also provides drinking water to the people of Pachmarhi. One can also enjoy trekking over the stones and rocks from Apsara Vihar to the top of Rajat Pratap through Jamuna Pratap. The spectacular beauty of the fall will definitely fill your mind with everlasting memories.

Tour to Chauragarh Peak: Placed at a height of 1326 metre, Chauragarh one of the celebrated pilgrim centres in Pachmarhi, offers splendid scenes of valleys, hills and dense forests. A sacred idol of Lord Mahadev is situated on the top of the hill. On the occasion of Maha Shivratri the temple remains crowded with the devotees. One has to climb 1250 steps to reach the top of the apex. Dharmasalas are there for relaxation.

Duchess Falls: The breath taking Duchess falls lies in the compasses of mighty Satpura Range. It staggered down in three different cataracts. It takes trek of 4 km to reach the foot of the first cataract.

Mahadeo Hill: Nestled in the northern part of the Satpura range at an apex of 1363 metre, Mahadeo hill is popular for the age old shrine of Lord Shiva and the fantastic Shivalingam in southern Madhya Pradesh. Magnificent cave paintings are there on the eastern part of the gigantic hill. Inside the cave there is a holy pond where the devotees can take religious dip. It pulls a great crowd on the occasion of Maha Shivratri.

Priyadarshini Point: This is a vantage point which offers a kaleidoscopic view of Pachmarhi and its exotic backdrop. Moreover, the view of Handi Khoh from this point is awe inspiring. The visitors must not miss the beautiful view of sun rise and sun set from this vantage point.

This is the point from where Captain Forsyth has explored Pachmarhi in 1857. First Pachmarhi was developed as a resort. The buildings, churches bear the mark of colonial influence in Pachmarhi.

There are also many beautiful places which need mention

  • Raj Pratap
  • Bhrant Neer
  • Sangam
  • Sunder Kund
  • Reechgarh and so on
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How to Reach Panchmarhi:

How to Reach Panchmarhi by Air: Located 195 km away, Bhopal is the nearest airport of Pachmarhi. It is connected with Jabalpur, Gwalior, Delhi, Mumbai and Indore by regular flights.

How to Reach Panchmarhi by Rail: Piparia is on the Mumbai Howrah mainline via Allahabad and is the most accessible railhead to reach Pachmarhi.

How to Reach Panchmarhi by Road: Regular buses connect Pachmarhi with Nagpur, Piparia, Bhopal, Hoshangabad and Chhindwara. Regular coach services between Pachmarhi and Bhopal are operated by Madhya Pradesh Tourism.

Hotel Accommodation in Panchmarhi:

  • Welcome Heritage Golf View
  • Pachmarhi Hotel
  • Highlands Hotel
  • Misty Meadows.
  • Panchvatti Huts and Cottages
  • Glen View Hotel
  • Pandav Hotel

Best Time to Visit: Panchmarhi

All embracing and pleasant weather of Pachmarhi attracts the tourists throughout the year but October to June is considered as the best time to visit Pachmarhi. Those who visit Pachmarhi in September to October can be a part of Bastar Dussehra. It is celebrated there with pomp and splendor.

Thus, this beautiful hill station with all its various aspects of nature attracts a great crowd throughout the year. So, be a part of the crowd of Pachmarhi and enjoy the splendid beauty with an extended family over there.