Daman and Diu Tourism Information

Explore and enjoy the Tourism of Daman and Diu that offers mute history of Daman always has been the strong matter of attraction to the tourists. Tour to Daman is worth visiting in all the seasons and fascinates visitors with the natural beauties a swell as monuments, gothic style churches, forts and many more.



Daman and Diu Tourism Information

Daman and Diu: The State of Twin Forts

The mute history of Daman always has been the strong matter of attraction to the tourists. Daman is worth visiting in all the seasons and fascinates visitors with the natural beauties a swell as monuments, gothic style churches, forts and many more.

Enchanting Tourists Spots of Daman and Diu :

Visit to Daman Ganga Tourist Complex: This tourist complex has all the amenities to please a tourist including cafeteria, conference hall, cottages, Amphi theatre, Island Gardens, Water Sports, Waterfalls and a health club. The restaurant has mouthwatering cuisines to cater the taste of all tourists.

Travel to Devka Beach: Devka beach with the amusement park with musical fountains has always been a matter of attraction to the tourists. The park looks like a heaven in the festive days. Pony riding on the sands are very popular among the children. Nearly food joints, famous hotels successfully gather the visitors all the time.

Must to See Moti Daman: This gigantic fort girdles 30,000 sq metres with ten bastions and two gateways. Polygonal in plan the parapet above the bastion wall is provided with loop holes. The terraces are connected with the inner ground surfaces by open flights of steps. The engraving above the southern gate mentions the year of completion of the gate. The engraving above northern gate specify the year of the completion of the fort wall. In the northern side there are secretariat and other official building.

Tour to Nani Daman: Encompasses an area of 12,250 sq metres this small fort has 3 bastions and 2 gateways. The most perceptible part of the fort is grand gateway facing the river with the two human figures and the gigantic statue of St. Jerome. The church Our Lady of the Sea is the prime building in the castle.

Tour to Jampore Beach: Heading to the border of Gujarat Jampore beach, towards south, is a soothing beach where one can find peace in solitude. It is best suited for swimming. An enjoyable picnic can be arranged in the shade of Casurina Plantation.

Tour to Mirasol Lake Garden: It is an artifial wonder that offers mouth watering cuisines and a kaleidoscopic view to the nature. Attached by a bridge the lake surrounds the two islands. Different facilities like boating, toy trains, and computer games have made the place popular picnic spot among the tourists.

Trip to Pargola Garden: It is place where a monument has been raised in remembrance of the Portuguese soldiers who has fallen down during the liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It shares affinity with the Pantheons at Athens.

Visit to Satya Sagar Udyan: Situated about 3 kms from taxi stand at Nani Daman and nearby the Coast Guard Air Station on the Daman i.e. Valsad road Satya Sagar Udyan is a lake garden which provide an exotic view to the nature. The adjacent snacks bar and restaurants makes the visit more attractive.

Travel to Mirasol Water Park:  It is an ideal water park for the children who enjoy striking car, go carting, jumper boat and other interesting rides. It is also available for marriage reception and other parties on rent.

Tour to Vaibhav Water Worlds and Resorts: Situated at Vapi Daman Vaibhav Water park is India's first water park which provides thirty six water rides. At the same time Farms of chiku, coconut, mangoes, the mountainous region of Daman and Vapi have surrounded the lake and have made the place enchanting.

The Religious festivals are celebrated with devotion and dedication. The festivals constitute the very essence of Daman and Diu. The religious festivals are:

  • Chapel of Our Lady Rosary
  • Chapel of Our Lady Remedies.
  • Church of Our Lady of Augustians.
  • Bom Jesus Church.
  • Nariyal Purnima.
  • Christmas

Accommodation Options in Daman and Diu:

There are number of luxurious hotels and lodges which provide all the facilities to the tourists. Some of these are :

  • Ashoka Hotel.
  • Dariya Darshan.
  • China Town.
  • Guru Kripa.
  • Jay Resort.
  • Dukes.
  • Jazira
  • Princess Park.
  • Miramar.
  • Sanday Resorts.
  • Regent Palace.
  • And Sukh Sagar and many more.

Best Time to Visit Daman and Diu:

Though the weather of Daman and Diu remains pleasant although the year but October to May is the perfect time to visit Daman and Diu. Soothing summer with the cool breeze straight from the Arabia sea needs a special mention.

The natural beauties and the man made water sports complex of Daman and Diu are the ultimate sources of generating peace and happiness in tranquility. One must visit Daman and Diu at least for once to sense the natural beauty of the state and to visit the twin forts that silently bear with it the Portuguese history.

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