multiple dropdown issue



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multiple dropdown issue
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This is Venkat from Hyderabad,India.Working as a JavaDeveloper herein.

Could you please read the code n give your valuable suggestions..

Technologies I used are Java, J2ee, jsp,Servlets, Javascript, Ajax.

Some how Iam able to receive the data for labels, dropdowns.

I created one array with the size of label, and statred for loop, inside this I created one more array of type above created array of size of dropdowns.

I was not able to display the dropdowns with corresponding labels...

the last dropdown is overriding the previous one...

I'm having requirement like multiple dropdowns need to be displayed along with the label name which is chosen by end user.

From the Java, Jsp some how I got the data like var labels for labels chosen, var dropdowns for corresponding dropdowns.

now I have created one array with the size of labels chosen.and started for loop.

again created new array of the existing arrray eith size of dropdowns.

and I'm return the value multiDD to the calling javascript function.

here let us assume that if user selects 4 variables, and submit, then the last variable and its corresponding dropdown only displayed..

I thought it is overriding the dropdowns..

below is the code...

var labels=element1.innerHTML;

var dropdowns=element2.innerHTML;

var multiDDs=new array(labels.length); for(var i=0; i

multiDDs[i]=new array(dropdowns.length); for(var j=0; j

'; multiDDs[i][j+1]=dropdowns;




} return multiDDs;


Thanks in advance.

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February 19, 2013 at 4:24 PM

hi friend,

I couldn't understand the query you asked. Please be more specific and clear about your question. It would be helpful if you can provide your full code.


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