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Ravi S.Gohil
Problem with arraylist
1 Answer(s)      5 years and 3 months ago
Posted in : Java Beginners

I am currently working on a java project and there is an if loop within the for loop....

for(int i = 1;i < iterationsNo;i++) {

 if(areEqual(cluster1_output_record.get(i),clusterMean1) && areEqual(cluster2_output_record.get(i),clusterMean2) && iterationsNo > 1);
    match = true;
    System.out.println("Iteration Number is "+iterationsNo);
    System.out.println("Value of i is "+i);
    System.out.println("Cluster 1 Mean Elements are "+clusterMean1);
    System.out.println("Cluster1_outpt_record is "+cluster1_output_record.get(i));
    System.out.println("Cluster 2 Mean Elements are "+clusterMean2);
    System.out.println("Cluster2_outpt_record is "+cluster2_output_record.get(i));
    System.out.println("Match is "+match);


The output is Iteration Number is 2 Value of i is 1

Cluster 1 Mean Elements are [-0.3934348341558447, -0.1360816923944805, -0.2187716886412338, -0.06449051935568194, -0.0010228902759740104, -0.038266953181818164, 0.07982175983766239, 0.010644329474025934, 0.12632030505844166, -0.06995138039935068, -0.09870551273538966, -0.041796415043831185, 0.06937946180032464, -0.01377707767207793, -0.1236233396801949, -0.12645360842045458, -0.3304013244188308, -0.12054819756980542, 0.224283177465909, 0.10693851710064924]
Cluster1_outpt_record is [0.026962710000000008, 0.06232899000000001, -0.36294179, -0.21924168999999996, 0.20080904000000005, -0.05111294000000001, 0.20181597, 0.08179009000000001, -0.32788965999999997, 0.4564200400000001, -0.450951, -0.10415492, 0.11374549999999999, 0.48815618999999993, -0.10235217, 0.11775965, -0.15073421, -0.27097621899999996, 0.012047309999999995, -0.08329656999999999]
Cluster 2 Mean Elements are [0.01719762171005925, -0.20738010449999997, -0.2768948451183433, -0.06780662857396447, 0.087601948091716, 0.042040902568047316, -0.02697104016568048, 0.03858767211005916, 0.16336673178106492, -0.0747453844970414, -0.10509191156804738, -0.09977402825443794, 0.1397649665680474, -0.14198528071005925, -0.10507909705621307, -0.12943119110946746, -0.1155490924585799, -0.13362615999408278, 0.29367396437869797, 0.05711353221301773]
Cluster2_outpt_record is [-0.2508608991546615, -0.16371195734745767, -0.23805550842478812, -0.06403854182319901, 0.028571258098516992, -0.009376577004237283, 0.040292195745762795, 0.01989580426822028, 0.14439635578177967, -0.07724384606567793, -0.09726075418961862, -0.06189477120444918, 0.09411107221292364, -0.06499922312076266, -0.1172088880805086, -0.13010673928177963, -0.25537655401800863, -0.12363725592266969, 0.2513768688336866, 0.0911138412309322]

Match is true

The values of cluster1outputrecord and clusterMean1 are not equal and so the the statements insdie the if loop must not be executed but still the control goes within the if loop... areEqual() is a method and it returns false. I have not included the output of the areEqual()but it shows false


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January 6, 2012 at 1:22 PM

Please specify the full code. Check your if condition. It seems that problem is there.

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